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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Food, Health Foods Source: NDTV Food

5 Foods High In Zinc That Are Good For Your Skin Too

If we want healthy and glowing skin, we have to follow a specific diet. It is important that we stay away from high-sugar and processed foods, for…
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Clarified cocktails, what's that about?

For the uninitiated, clarified cocktails are a broad subcategory of mixed drinks that are strained to remove any sediment or impurities created by…
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Regenerative Foods: Nutritional Values and Carbon Reduction

Regenerative food is produced using practices that prioritize the health of the soil and the surrounding ecosystem. Regenerative agriculture practices…
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Good Libations

Tags: Drink Trends, Cocktails Source: Punch

5 Party drinks, from Italy's long island iced tea to a Gin slushy

Almost any cocktail can be party-ready, but there’s no denying that certain drinks were built to party. Whether slushy, shot-sized or served as a…
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Sweet Talk

Tags: Ice Cream, Summer Trends Source: Stylist

5 elevated ice cream sundaes that make the perfect nostalgic summer dessert

The greatest joy of childhood dining? Undoubtedly the dessert. There is something about those nostalgic sweet treats that keeps us craving them even…
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Exciting street food trends for 2023

One of the most exciting things about traveling to another country is being able to sample the local cuisine. Through food, you can get to know and…
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Less waste, more value for food

We all should channel our inner improv comic to invest in the power of "yes and" to solve the array of challenges in the food system. One of the more…
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Sweet Talk

Tags: Sweet Talk, Dessert Source: NDTV Food

Craving Something Sweet? 5 Delectable Hyderabadi Desserts You Must Try

India boasts a collection of some of the most delectable desserts in the world. From gulab jamuns and jalebis to Mysore pak and payasam, you'll find a…
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Good Libations

Tags: Cocktails, Beverage Source: Delish

We're Calling It: This Is 2023's Official Drink Of The Summer

Just like with fashion, cocktails go in and out of style. Ordering a Cosmopolitan during Sex and the City's heyday was très chic. But now? Not so…
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Value-Add Solutions to Increase Your Customer Base

If you want to show your customers that you truly value them, it's time to explore value-adds. Value-adds come in many forms, from added benefits and…
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