Street food will be the topic of the month on in-sight for January 2014.

We are kicking off the year with a very dynamic and popular topic in the U.S. The rise of street food and food truck culture has exploded in the last 12-36 months.

There are more food trucks in Los Angeles and New York than ever before and their population continues to grow in other parts of the country. Markets not often thought of to be street food havens have suddenly sprung to life. Places like Boston, MA and St. Louis, MO have seen their food truck population grow 10 times over since 2010!

Street food has been popular around the world for years. Asia has long been the mecca of street food and its influence continues to show up in the United States and around the world. Street food is not only influencing what we are eating in restaurants, but what we are buying in stores as well. It's influencing our favorite products and flavors.

Please check back periodically to the monthly "topic of the month" tab to view insightful articles, videos, and information around street food during January. 


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