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Marmite is the New Miso

We asked chefs to peek into their crystal balls and tell us what foods we’ll be talking about in five years. And accordi...

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Top 5 Trends from the 2014 Summer Fancy Food Show

By Dylan Thompson, Marketing & Consumer Insight Specialist, Symrise On June 30th, I attended the 60th Fancy Food Show at Javits Center in New York…
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INFOGRAPHIC: Key Hispanic Flavors in the U.S.

Recently, as part of our Sabor in America initiative here at Symrise we put together a magazine featuring key insights into the Latino population in…
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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Culinary, Flavor Trends Source: Symrise

Ethnic food enclaves: the 16 best international eating hubs in the USA

It's only natural for immigrants to the US to move into an area full of their countrymen in order to rally around native...

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New Flavored Vodkas

Fewer confected cake- and candy-flavored vodkas are rolling out, while spicy and "spiced" flavors are enjoying a modest ...

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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Flavor Trends Source: Symrise

Why Spicy-Food Lovers Are More Loyal Customers

Where there's spice, there's a loyal shopper. New understanding about how people who love spicy foods eat-and shop-is fu...

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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Chicken, Sauces, Flavor Trends Source: Symrise

Savory chicken wings around the world

There's something inherently special about eating foods that don't call for the interference of utensils. I mean, sure, ...

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Trend Watch: Yogurt turns savory

File this under "trends that took way too long": Yogurt is taking a savory turn-at last. Curious passersby have been cro...

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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Asian, Culinary, Flavor Trends Source: Symrise

Asian Culinary Trends [WHITE PAPER]

New food trends are first seen in restaurants and popularized by influential chefs.  This is nowhere more evident than with Asian culinary innovations…
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Flavor Adventure Inside

Consumers know such familiar phrases as “time in a bottle” and a “message in a bottle.” But, how about “adventure in a b...

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