Key players in the food and beverage industry are faced with a critical consumer challenge: negative perceptions of modern factory food and drink. In light of a health and wellness awakening, Americans are increasingly concerned about the ingredients they consume and where they are from. Ultimately, the modern consumer wants to know where their food is sourced and be able to understand and trust a simple ingredient list all without sacrificing the ultimate flavor experience.

For international players, staying on top will require swiftly changing the game and shifting towards consumer preference for “real” food. Luckily, companies like Symrise can help you change the narrative behind your brands.

Code of Nature is Symrise’s response to shifting consumer demands in food and beverage. Code of Nature is the new Symrise taste solution platform that unlocks and amplifies the real tastes of nature and fulfills consumer demand for the best, natural, honest food and drink. It offers natural ingredients across food and beverage categories that are sustainably sourced, ethically prepared, and that deliver amazing real taste.

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Naturally Citrus is the Code of Nature solution that holistically approaches citrus starting with sustainable and responsible sourcing practices. Michael Falkenberg, Symrise’s Sr. Category Director Beverages & Savory, shares: “Citrus is certainly a key tonality for Symrise…not only in beverages. It was very important to us to include our citrus solutions as key platform under the Code of Nature umbrella. Especially, due to the recent challenges in the citrus market like greening disease HLB, consumer preference for NFC juice and natural disasters we were facing the perfect storm… literally.”

Naturally Citrus is supported by 4 pillars that underpin naturalness: Best Natural, Transparency, Technology and Consumer Value.


Under Code of Nature, Symrise’s citrus flavors are natural ingredients that are carefully selected to meet consumer expectations. Through strong partnerships, we offer future-proof, sustainable solutions that are transparent and traceable back to the source—all the while, delivering a unique taste experience.



It’s more than just storytelling – Symrise is committed to Global Standards with fully traceable solutions. By ensuring a happy citrus value chain from farming to consumption, we’ve achieved a level of sustainability acknowledged by NGOs like UEBT & Rainforest Alliance.



To deliver unique citrus add back/FTNF solutions, Symrise uses it’s SymTrap Proprietary Technology, a cold extraction process that keeps components of fruit concentrates intact. Since less heat processing delivers a more refreshing citrus experience, we use cold infusion technology for fresher, authentic citrus profiles.


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To create winning taste solutions, Symrise understands the “DNA” of citrus consumer preferences” via sensory and analytical science. That’s how we deliver authentic, fresh, tasty citrus profiles with clean labels and transparent ingredients that consumers love and trust.


Symrise hosted a Code of Nature kick-off event to introduce the revolutionary platform to the industry. The event featured concepts of each Code of Nature platform. To exemplify the versatility and natural complexity of Symrise’s Naturally Citrus solutions our menu included:

- Sicilian Lemon Bergamot Tea
- Grapefruit Oil Replacer
- Grapefruit Cardamom Ice Pops

Beyond Naturally Citrus, Code of Nature platforms include: Discover Chicken, Simply Vanilla, and Botanical Essentials, That’s Onion, Fruity Essentials and Food Bases. Stay tuned to the In-Sight blog for briefs on the other platforms!

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