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Global Trends & Emerging Flavors - Part 3 of 4: Non-Alcoholic Beverage

With today's post, we are continuing a four part Symrise Series on global flavor trends and emerging flavors around the world. We'll explore trending flavors as well as flavors...  more »


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Putting the joy back in US juice: Mintel's top trends for $15.5bn market

Writing in the research firm’s November 2013 report, ‘Juice and Juice Drinks, US’, which covers this $15.5bn market, Mintel's analysts note that young consumers and Hispanics...  more »

From Red Bull to Big Red: Beverage industry veteran talks energy, classic soda and why Sparkling Ice should inspire us all

While SKUs have proliferated, the flagship products that first attracted consumers to the category are still driving its growth, says former Red Bull COO Gary Smith, who left the...  more »


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WHITE PAPER - How to Succeed in a Challenging Juice Market

For the past half-decade or so, the competitive and market landscape for fruit juice and juice drink producers has been challenging, to put it mildly. In the wake of sweeping...  more »

The History and Science of Frozen Slushie Cocktails

Studying the science behind your drinks. Every time I've come across premade frozen-cocktails-in-a-bag at the grocery store, I can't help but wonder if there might be something...  more »

What's missing from these cocktails? Only the hangover. Mocktails have finally come of age

IT CAN BE hard to summon enthusiasm for mocktails. The very word-up there with "mouthfeel" and "gastropub" in the catalogue of Food World Crimes Against Language-summons flashbacks...  more »


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Tea, juice can help flush out your body's pipes

We spend a lot of time focusing on what we eat, but we should probably pay more attention to what we drink. Beverages can sneak in a lot of hidden calories and other junk. One...  more »

Carotenoid-Rich Fruit, Vegetable Juice May Improve Skin

NOTTINGHAM, United Kingdom—Carotenoid-rich fresh fruit and vegetable juices may have a positive effect on facial appearance and skin health when consumed regularly, according to a...  more »

Jamba Juice introduces Whole Food Nutrition smoothies

US-based Jamba Juice has introduced new Whole Food Nutrition smoothies that are made from whole food ingredients. The company is also planning to launch new juices, in a move to...  more »


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What's Behind the Green Juice Fad?

How much will consumers pay for healthy-in-a-bottle? As much as $10 and sometimes more. At least that's the belief of high-end grocers like Whole Foods Market and a spurt of small...  more »

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Happy Holidays from Symrise, We'll See You Next Decade!

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Webinar: 5 Top Southern Flavors Influencing Mainstream Food and Beverage

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