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Pairing Sparkling Wines With Comfort Food

Sparkling wines have long accompanied aristocratic bites such as foie gras and caviar. But now chefs and bartenders on both sides of the pond are discovering how perfectly bubbly...  more »


Good Libations

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Want a 'meat-like' cup of coffee? A new flavor wheel offers hints of snow pea and clementine.

Coffee buyer Timothy Hill has reinvented the wheel, and it is causing quite a stir. The 31-year-old purchaser for Durham, N.C., roaster Counter Culture Coffee has rolled out a new...  more »


Good Libations

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The Switzerland of spirits is neutral no more. There's a lot going on in these brave new vodkas

YOU KNOW THE standard definition of vodka: colorless, odorless, tasteless. But a few producers are rethinking what this spirit can be-and we're not talking about fruit-flavored...  more »

What's missing from these cocktails? Only the hangover. Mocktails have finally come of age

IT CAN BE hard to summon enthusiasm for mocktails. The very word-up there with "mouthfeel" and "gastropub" in the catalogue of Food World Crimes Against Language-summons flashbacks...  more »


Good Libations

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Better boozing: Bottled cocktails come home with new retail lines from bartenders and distillers

AT THE NEW London cocktail emporium White Lyan, you won't find lemons or limes on the bar, nor any ice stored behind it. Every mixed drink on the establishment's ambitious list is...  more »


Good Libations

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What's Behind the Green Juice Fad?

How much will consumers pay for healthy-in-a-bottle? As much as $10 and sometimes more. At least that's the belief of high-end grocers like Whole Foods Market and a spurt of small...  more »

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