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Pining For A Cozy Winter Drink? Try An Evergreen Liqueur

Though the great outdoors become more inhospitable as winter winds rise and temperatures drop, there's nothing like wandering through an evergreen forest as snow squeaks underfoot....  more »

In A Push To Attract Millennials, Taco Bell Offers Beer and Wine

Later this month, Taco Bell will open two "Cantinas" in San Francisco and Chicago that will serve booze and shareable tapas. more »


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Brewers Gone Wild: Taming Unpredictable Yeast For Flavorful Beer

Crack the vast menu at any self-respecting beer bar, and you're bound to run into a scientific name among the descriptions: Brettanomyces, affectionately known as Brett. But this...  more »


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For More Drinking With Less Buzzing, Session Beers Gain Fans

Tailgating, camping trips and wedding receptions are just some of the occasions when many Americans down a few beers in one sitting. For those who prefer high-alcohol microbrews...  more »


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From Humble Salt To Fancy Freezing: How To Up Your Cocktail Game

Audio for this story from All Things Considered will be available at approximately 7:00 p.m. Dave Arnold can work some serious magic with a cocktail shaker. But he's no alchemist —...  more »


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As Espresso Rises, Will 'Greek Coffee' Be Left To The Turks?

Greeks have loved coffee for centuries. But while coffee can be a matter of national pride, increasingly, the Greeks are sipping on a decidedly non-Greek brew: espresso. And the...  more »


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From Coffee To Chicory To Beer, 'Bitter' Flavor Can Be Addictive

Audio for this story from Morning Edition will be available at approximately 9:00 a.m. Food writer Jennifer McLagan has spent the last few years trying to win home cooks over to...  more »


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Tequila Nation: Mexico Reckons With Its Complicated Spirit

The Mexican town of Tequila in the western state of Jalisco is the heart of a region that produces the legendary spirit. Any bottle of tequila must be made from the Weber Blue...  more »


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Brewers Have Been All Bottled Up, But Now They're Canning It

Audio for this story from All Things Considered will be available at approximately 7:00 p.m. You may have noticed a trend clinking around on the shelves of your local liquor store:...  more »

Will Soda Lovers Drink To Less Sugar In The Can?

Who's a member of the Pepsi Generation. Yes, it's tough times for Big Soda in the U.S. "The entire [U.S.] carbonated soft drink category has been down for nine years," says John...  more »

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