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Good Libations

Tags: Drink Trends, Cocktails Source: Mashed

No One Seems To Know What This Year's 'Drink Of The Summer' Is

Summer in the time of a pandemic. In 2020, with people in lockdown, adults consumed 14% more alcohol than in the previous year, according to results…
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Beyond the Plate

Tags: taco, Food Trends Source: Tasting Table

Tacos Al Vapor: What Makes This Delectable Street Food Unique

Mexico's rich gastronomy encompasses a variety of influences across centuries of culinary tradition. Take tortillas — one of the most fundamental…
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Here’s how many cups of coffee most people drink a day

Three in four coffee drinkers cannot go a single day without their cup of joe. According to a new poll of 2,000 coffee-drinking Americans, the average…
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Sweet Talk

Tags: Dessert, Sweet Source: Fox News

'Crinkle cake' recipe goes viral on TikTok: Try the sweet, flaky dessert

There's a new dessert recipe gaining steam as a TikTok food trend, and this time it's "crinkle cake" – a sweet and flaky pastry that can be made at…
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Culinary Chronicles

Tags: Culinary, Food Source: Symrise

New Spin on Comfort Food

By Donna Wesson, Certified Culinary Scientist  We all have our own personal relationship with comfort food – whether it’s to provide that feeling of…
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The best foods to feed your gut microbiome

Every time you eat, you are feeding trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that live inside your gut. But are you feeding them the right foods?…
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The Most Crucial Drinking Habit for Your Kidneys

Your kidneys perform many necessary functions to keep your body working properly. For example, one major purpose of the kidneys is to remove waste…
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Sweet Talk

Tags: Sweet Talk, Dessert Source: Reporter News

Here's how to turn those decorative pumpkins into tasty desserts

Bins and displays of round, squatty, bumpy and misshapen pumpkins in hues of orange as well as whites, grays, yellows and greens are welcome…
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Top Post-Pandemic Morning Snacking Trends

The idea of “three meals a day” is almost a thing of the past. Having a mid-morning snack is exceedingly common, especially for the younger…
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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Food, Food Trends Source: The Bloomberg

Pursuits Weekly: Why Not Have a Truly Wild Food Adventure This Fall?

 “The strong flavors of game lend themselves perfectly to spices,” says chef Rohit Ghai of Kutir, where a tasting menu features Chettinad mallard with…
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