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Candied Wine Pairings

Equally matched chocolate and wine pairings are commonly served at tastings, but the confectionery treats involved are generally quite gourmet. Since inexpensive chocolate bars are...  more »

Antioxidant Dessert Bars - These Chocolate Matcha Ice Cream Bars Blend Flavor and Healthy Benefits (

These chocolate matcha ice cream bars bring together the timeless goodness of cocoa and traditional Japanese matcha green tea for a flavor combination that will blow your mind. You...  more »

20 Scrumptious Smoothie Ideas - From Exotic Green Smoothies to Refreshing Pie Smoothies

These smoothie ideas range from funky fruity beverages to unconventional mash-ups. However, no matter the style of smoothie, these beverages aim to refresh and satisfy any...  more »


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Heat-Resistant Chocolate - This Chocolate is Able to Withstand Temperatures of 38 Degrees Celsius

Barry Callebaut has created this genius heat-resistant chocolate. The amazing chocolate will remain in a solid form even in temperatures that reach 38 degrees Celsius. The idea for...  more »

100 Unusual Food Combinations - From Bacon S'more Sandwiches to Chocolate Croissant Donut Holes

People have been mixing food combinations forever, but these hybrids are truly unexpected. Ramen is a popular choice, as seen in peculiar ramen poutines, grilled ramen sandwiches...  more »


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30 Caffeinated Snacks - From Caffeinated Breakfast Pastries to Chocolate Coffee Bars

Coffee culture has become an ubiquitous aspect of our everyday lives, which is why this collection of caffeinated snacks will come as no surprise to those looking for a way to both...  more »


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Frozen Confection Hybrids - This Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cone Blends the Best of Both Worlds

This cotton candy ice cream is not your run-of-the-mill dessert and is instead encased with a layer of smoked cotton candy, making it as fun to consume as it is to look at. The...  more »

40 Interesting Cookie Flavors - From Caramel Apple Cookies to DIY Taco Cookies

While some might think there are only a few cookie flavors available on the market, guess again: this collection features dozens of prepackaged and DIY cookie flavors that range in...  more »


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Chinatown Ice Cream Factory Incorporates Cool Asian Ingredients

If you are in New York City and are looking for unique ice cream flavors to beat the heat this summer, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is cooler than cool. The Manhattan ice cream...  more »


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23 Frosty Dessert Sandwiches - From the Tradition Ice Cream Sandwich to Hybrid Ice Cream Sandwiches

These tasty and creative ice cream sandwich combos are sure to make your mouth water and stomach growl. Most of us grew up eating traditional ice cream sandwiches that hosted...  more »

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