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The Best Non-Alcohol Beer for Summer 2022

 Just a handful of years ago, non-alcoholic beer was available in only a few different flavors offered by a couple of different brands. To say the…
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Fruit Crumble, a divine Summertime Dessert

A couple weeks ago on a drive through Sebastopol on our way to Bodega Bay we passed the Luther Burbank farm. Known locally in his day as “the wizard”…
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Key Characteristics of Gen Z for Food Manufacturers and Beverage Brands

To effectively create and market products that resonate with new, young consumers, So, it’s crucial to know the key characteristics of Gen Z. So, just…
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Tags: Vegan, Dessert Source: Veg News

5 Vegan Hacks To Make Your Dessert Healthier

A life without pies, cakes, and chocolate-chip cookies is not the sort of life anyone wants to live. On the other hand, sugar doesn’t always make…
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Tags: Dessert, Sweet Talk Source: The Takeout

10 of the World’s Best Sweet and Savory Dessert Drinks

It doesn’t take much for me to get hungry, especially when it comes to sweet stuff. Growing up in Vietnam, I had the privilege of tasting a variety of…
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’90s Nostalgia: Comfort Food Is Back

While the 1980s were known as an age of excess characterized by a “me-first” mentality, the ’90s took a turn for the better.  Dubbed “The Good…
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Tags: Sweet Talk, Dessert Source: 225 Magazine

7 Desserts to try around Baton Rouge for National Ice cream month

Here’s the scoop: July is National Ice Cream Month. So take these last few days of the month as your excuse to celebrate with cones, cups and all the…
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Top Functional Health Trends: Natural Power Up

Food and Beverage for Energy, Mental Clarity and Creativity In an unbalanced, out-of-control world, it’s natural for people to strive to reclaim some…
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Tags: Sweet Talk, Dessert Source: LA Times

Baked Dessert Bar brings Filipino flavors to Tustin

Abby Declaro, owner and head baker at Baked Dessert Bar, grew up with a pastry chef mother and was well versed in baking herself before she became a…
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Tags: Plant-based, Dessert Source: Coastal Point

Local dessert company aims to make Plant-Based glamorous

While the thought of plant-based desserts may initially sound unappealing to some, Kristina Ikhaylyuk and Iulia Bersan’s goal is to make them stunning…
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