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Cocoa is 10m years OLDER than first thought, possibly leading to new flavours

Delicious and rich, the taste of chocolate has been a source of happiness and decadence for thousands of years. But now experts believe cocoa could be…

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Startup Spotlight: Candy Jar satisfies your sweet cravings with its online candy shop

If you love candy, a new startup working out of the Techstars Seattle incubator might be of interest. Candy Jar is a year-old company that lets users…

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Good Libations Sweet Talk

Tags: Ice Cream, News Source: Symrise

Scientists Have Invented an 'Ice Cream' That Doesn't Melt

The future of picnics. Scientists in the U.K. happily report that it won't be long before a protein they're growing in b...

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Beyond the Plate Sweet Talk

Tags: Yogurt, News Source: Symrise

It's been a big week for yogurt news

Yogurt is something that brings joy to the hearts of many people (me, this guy, and every woman in a Dannon commercial). ICYMI, NPR appears to be…

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Sweet Talk Beyond the Plate

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Bocuse d'Or 2015 Results: Team USA Takes Silver for the First Time Ever

Training for 2017 essentially starts tomorrow.

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Sweet Talk

Tags: Flavor, Chocolate, News Source: Symrise

This fork can make your vegetables taste like chocolate

Getting some kids to eat their vegetables is often a challenge. Maybe it would help if the next time you brought a forkful of broccoli to your lips,…

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Sweet Talk

Tags: Health Foods, News Source: Symrise

Slowdown in natural claims 'inevitable', say market researchers

Natural claims on food and beverage products appear to be leveling off, according to recent product launch data from mar...

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Sweet Talk

Tags: Consumer Health, News Source: Symrise

Best Tweets from Ingredient Marketplace 2014

Ingredient suppliers gathered in the Big Apple this week to ply their wares and move the state of the supply world forward. Here's how it played out…

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Sweet Talk

Tags: News, Consumer Trends Source: Symrise

Your Cravings: Decoded

The post Your Cravings: Decoded by Michelle Schoffro Cook, appeared first on The Epoch Times. The saltiness of potato chips, the cool…

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Sweet Talk

Tags: Confectionery, News Source: Symrise

Mars develops heat resistant chocolate with polyol mix

Mars has filed a patent for heat resistant chocolate that can withstand hot climates, following an earlier application f...

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