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Talking Dessert with Blake Abene, Executive Pastry Chef

Blake Abene always liked cooking but had never thought of it as a viable career. After Hurricane Katrina, however, the Louisiana native – he hails from Hammond -- took another...  more »

Trend alert: Dallas-area ice cream shops doing (more) science-like experiments on sweets

If rolled ice cream was North Texas' buzziest food trend last year, 2018 is poised to be the year liquid nitrogen ice cream takes the title. Two new shops specializing in ice cream...  more »


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The Top Dessert-Only Restaurants in America

There are restaurants for every meal of the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner – even brunch gets its own special weekend spot in many places. But few restaurants only serve dessert,...  more »

William Werner of Craftsman and Wolves

Sweet Talk

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Pastry Innovation with William Werner of Craftsman and Wolves

There’s pure beauty in the creations spun out by Chef William Werner of San Francisco’s Craftsman and Wolves (CAW). A 2015 and 2016 finalist for the James Beard Outstanding Baker...  more »


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Better pastry by design

At C. Ellet's, a restaurant in Atlanta, an apple strudel arrives at the table. But it doesn't exactly look like an apple strudel. There are no large chunks of fruit oozing...  more »


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A Guide to the Pop-Ups of Greater Boston

Some of the best places to get unexpected meals and snacks in and around Boston are not quite permanent. Pop-ups are happening with increasing frequency, and the Greater Boston...  more »


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Dirt Cups, Hand Pies and More Lowbrow Desserts Are Making a Comeback

Nostalgic desserts, the kind you would find at a church potluck, are getting modern makeovers in Cornelius, N.C. [more...] more »

Nostalgic Desserts Trending at the 2017 StarChefs ICC

Dessert is going where it has never before been: Doughnuts are now gourmet, refined sugar is no longer the go-to sweetener, and halva crumbles and tahini can be sundae toppings....  more »


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Dessert trends - Healthy indulgences

by Karen Weisberg KANSAS CITY - Although America has long been a grab-and-go nation and loves its "available anytime" portable snacks and desserts - donuts, brownies, cookies,...  more »


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Room for dessert: Asheville eateries feature unique sweet endings

Dessert may be something of an afterthought when considering Asheville's overall culinary landscape, but many would argue that no dining experience should conclude without a sweet...  more »

"Dessert is like a feel good song, and the best ones make you dance." -Chef Edward Lee

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