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Symrise’s Rising Stars: Collaboration is the Key to Innovation

*All Photos Courtesy of StarChefs The 2017 Rising Stars Roundtable Discussion, hosted by Symrise in collaboration with StarChefs, tapped into the culinary minds of some of New...  more »

Top eight tiki bars - tiki drinks, tiki cocktails, tiki trend

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Tags: Cocktails, Mixology, SpiritsSource: Symrise

8 Tiki Bars that Will Make You Go Back for More

What beverage allows you to escape reality and lets you imagine you're on a beautiful island?  If you answered with ' a Tiki beverage' then you are spot on.  The Tiki craze began...  more »


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Elaborate 'Breaking Bad'-Inspired Cocktail Lab Popping Up In NYC This Summer

It's been almost four years since the end of Breaking Bad, but the show's legacy lives on in novelty t-shirts, wonderful spin-offs, and the occasional Heisenberg-influenced...  more »


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Tags: Cocktails, MixologySource: Symrise

How Mixologist Alan Walter Makes Cocktail Ingredients Come Alive

One glance at the cocktail menu at Loa, the gorgeous jewel-box of a space at the International House Hotel in New Orleans, pretty much tells you all you need to know about...  more »

Top cocktail bars in San Francisco

Haute Top 5: Best Cocktail Bars in San Francisco 2017

There are many excellent craft cocktail bars in San Francisco-so many that it's hard to select only five that we love. Older establishments like Rye, Elixir, 15 Romolo, and...  more »

Symrise hosts a round table discussion for clients in the Steelite Showroom in New York City as a part of Starchefs Rising Stars New York 2017

New York's Star Chefs Dish on Innovation and Inspiration

Innovation & Inspiration: Symrise’s 2017 New York Rising Stars Roundtable Discussion *All photos are courtesy of Starchefs Recently, Symrise collaborated with StarChefs’ Editor...  more »

The the best cocktail bars in London - spirits, drinks, flavors

The Best Cocktail Bars In London

London has a flurry of cocktail bars, but there are a select few that will serve up a really good cocktail. Here is our personal favourite list of the best and most luxurious...  more »

Coconut club in Los Angeles is making some innovative cocktails appealing to millennial consumers - cocktail trends - cocktail flavor trends

The Cocktail Connoisseur Who Can Conjure Any Elixir of Liquor

email Hazard says that collecting runs in the family, as does artistic flair. A native of Tucson, Arizona, Hazard's own creative eye was influenced by his mother, who was a curator...  more »

Mixologist Junior Merino, The Liquid Chef talks spring green cocktails

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Tags: Cocktails, MixologySource: Symrise

Monthly Mixology with Junior Merino: Drinkable Spring Greens

By Junior Merino, The Liquid Chef Around 2012-2014, there was an explosion of veggie cocktails and natural “green” libations and for 2017, there seems to be a resurgence of this...  more »

A cocktail at Dram and Grain in Washington DC

Is Dram & Grain's Gator Butter Cocktail The Trendiest Drink in D.C.?

Not every cocktail calls for a bartender to sear off two ounces of alligator tail meat from Eastern Market with four ounces of ghee (clarified butter) on medium high heat. "I'm...  more »

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New York's Star Chefs Dish on Innovation and Inspiration

Innovation & Inspiration: Symrise’s 2017 New York Rising Stars Roundtable...