Recently, we published a four part series here on in-sight titled Global Trends and Emerging Flavors (View HERE). In this series we covered established and emerging flavors in four categories including confectionery, dairy, non-alcoholic beverage, and alcoholic beverage around the globe.

As a follow up to this series on in-sight, we have decided to focus on alcoholic beverage in North America. Through the next 7 posts, we will take you through some of the hottest flavor trends in the alcoholic beverage category. Some you may know, some may be completely new, but either way, its a great way to step back and take a look at what's going on in alcoholic beverage world.

We'll be taking a look at trends in three different forms within alcoholic beverage: fusions, mixology, and experience. 

Today we're posting Trends #6 & #7: Experience - Sensation and Mood flavors. As today's cocktail culture continues to progress and evolve, bargoers are demanding more than ordinary drinks. Not only are consumers demanding fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and craft spirits, but also for a drinks that deliver an experience and that's where sensation and mood flavors come into play.

Whether its a swanky cocktail that transports you to a different time, or a shot that cools your entire mouth and body, mood and sensation flavors deliver a truly unique experience. Trendy bars and restaurants are offering mood and sensation drinks more regularly. One example of this is Pouring Ribbons in New York City's East Village, which offers drinks based on whether you are looking for "refreshing or spirituous" and "comforting or adventurous". 

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