Global tastes have turned clean. What does that mean? It means minimally processed, authentic, and naturally delicious. Each generation has variable preferences, with younger generations showing the strongest desire for clean, sustainable flavors with a true natural taste.

As Gen Zers move further into the consumer sector, they’re influencing the flavors and products found across the food industry. Previous generations, such as millennials and Gen Xers, have a good hold on the market, but the newest generations are driving the love of nature across the food sector.

Symrise’s Code of Nature is the answer to those consumer preferences.


Unveiling the Code of Nature

Our taste solution platform is like a taste of the Earth. Featuring deep consumer insights, the Code of Nature reveals the true nature taste of botanical flavors brought to the food and beverage market.

This platform blends close-to-nature flavors with consumer expectations, meeting and exceeding consumer preferences through continuous market research. The Symrise Code of Nature is the perfect amalgamation of natural taste, freshness, flavor, and minimally processed foods. These unique characteristics give the platform an advantage with the changing face of consumer trends.


Consumer Trends in Food and Beverage

Food and flavor preferences have been trending healthier for a while now, picking up steam with Gen Z’s increasing market influence. People want sustainable and healthy foods, not only for their bodies but for the soil, water, and surrounding ecosystems. Millennial and Gen Z generations have been frontrunners in sustainable lifestyles, so it’s natural for those desires to extend to the food chain.

Today, people are asking about the food on their plates. They want to know where it came from, what’s in it, what farming practices were used to grow the ingredients, and how those practices affected the local and downstream environments. More and more customers want natural foods and nature-inspired foods. They want the true nature taste.

Along with agriculture trends like urban farming, pasture-raised eggs, and plant-based meats, taste trends are heading toward bold, global flavors and natural or earthy flavors. People want to move past the era of factory farming, pesticides, and heavily processed foods. Each new generation sees the damage these practices cause, growing more concerned and more determined to live in a world that works for all species.

Today’s consumers are speaking out through their shopping purchases and dining preferences. They’re demanding authentic cuisine; real foods; and an abundance of fresh, delicious flavor.


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Food and Beverage Brands and the Changing Consumer

Modern consumer preferences create ripples, but it takes time for food and beverage companies to meet the demand for that true nature taste. What else do consumers want? Something that brings nostalgia and simplicity.

They want to bite into an apple and taste the crispness and sweet florals, evoking memories of apple picking as a child. They want to taste the Greek islands in their chicken gyros and recall their honeymoon to Mykonos and Crete. They also want minimally processed products with clean labels and mouthwatering flavors.

Consumers want to trust the food and the brands, knowing they’re putting good ingredients in their bodies and supporting those companies that want the same.


Symrise Steps In: The Code of Nature Solution

There’s a lot that goes into finding the right solution. Through our extensive consumer and industry insights, we developed the Code of Nature to do just that. The Code of Nature is more than a taste solution platform; it’s a taste experience. With this platform, food and beverage industry brands gain access to delicious taste solutions to meet their consumers’ needs. There are no inauthentic flavors here. Each solution at Code of Nature has been created with the consumer in mind. From the flavor to the sourcing to the packaging, each part of the taste solution brings your brand closer to market demand.

What will you find in each solution? Minimal processing. Careful sourcing. Wholesome nutrition and rich flavor. This is the Symrise touch. We know your consumers want clean-label products, so we make it easy to meet their expectations.


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Science Meets Nature

The true taste of nature requires a careful approach, where sustainable ingredients meet economic practicality. The Code of Nature is the perfect blend of these pillars of society. By aligning scientific methods with ethical awareness, our taste solution platform is at the foreground of sustainable food science.

Our taste solutions focus on the best of all worlds: the best natural ingredients, the best agricultural partnerships, and the best and simplest presentations. We source raw materials from a mindset of respect, supporting farmers, growers, and their environments in working sustainably for the long term. We help them keep giving back to the Earth and reaping the benefits of healthy ingredients. Agricultural practices that respect the land lead to foods that nourish our bodies.

Along with respect, the Code of Nature honors natural foods created with honesty and integrity. These sustainability pillars meet today’s consumer expectations, giving people healthy, nourishing foods that come from a place of love. Code of Nature is a leader in inspiring harmony in the food and beverage industry, acting as the meeting place for consumers, regulators, and brands big and small.

To create this harmony, our teams focus on authentic flavors and close-to-nature foods. Our ingredients come from sincere people dedicated to sustainability. In other words, we only source from people we trust. Our guiding principles ensure our continued commitment to honest, authentic, and natural flavors — right down to the molecular level. Our team of food scientists works with nature’s blueprint to bring out the richness and flavor in each bite. Harnessing that power, we combine natural nutrition with practical usage across the food and beverage industry. Minimal processing means nature at its finest. 

The Code of Nature is a platform of integrity, flavor, and respect. By adding value and communicating sincerely, we give consumers products to love. Is your brand ready for the Symrise Code of Nature? Learn more about our leading taste solution platform and how you can experience the natural taste revolution.


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