There’s nothing sweeter than a trip to the candy store. Bright and colorful confections abound, creating a magical experience for visitors of all ages. From classic candies and old-fashioned favorites to wild, experimental flavors, candy shops across the globe are satisfying every type of sweet tooth. The latest crazes are not only about over-the-top tasty flavors, but also presentation and branding.

During a time when candy shops aren’t readily accessible, the desire for the comfort of confections is stronger than ever. Read on for a virtual tour of five candy shops providing innovative sugar rushes around the world – it might spark some flavor inspiration for your brands!

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No matter what kind of candy you’re craving, you’ll be able to find it at Dylan’s Candy Bar. The world-famous sweets shop -- named after fashion mogul Ralph Lauren’s daughter (and candy connoisseur) Dylan Lauren -- got its start in New York City and has spread its sweetness across the country to Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and even Honolulu. If you’re looking for ultimate variety and innovation, look no further. The fantastical brand successfully merges lifestyle, pop culture and candy into one magically sweet world. Some of the shop’s sweetest options include beautiful Vintage Flower Lollipops, Candy Kabobs, fruits and pretzels freshly dipped in multicolored chocolate, and much more.

For something to meet the sugar cravings of adults, there’s the signature Cotton Candy Cocktail -- made with cachaça, Applejack, fresh lime juice, and homemade cotton candy poured into a pink sugar-rimmed glass. If you’re a gummy fan, be sure to fill up a massive bear-shaped container with a colorful assortment of sweet and sour-coated gummy bears. The unique packaging -- from branded paint cans packed with sour belts to boxes and tins full of signature candy mixes -- makes the visit to Dylan’s even more enjoyable. Dylan’s Candy Bar not only offers tasty treats but a magical experience, and is guaranteed to bring out the kid in every shopper.


Known as the “World’s Most Interesting Confectionery,” Papabubble has rightfully earned that title. Originating in Spain, the sweets shop now operates around the world in over 30 different locations. Papabubble proves that presentation -- on top of flavor -- is everything, and the candy brand features some crazy one-of-a-kind sweets that are almost too stunning to eat. Consumers are sure to be delighted by their collection of delicate treats that look like handcrafted works of art. Each small piece of candy features an intricate design, with a variety of themed mixes such as their sushi candies and colorful fruit collections.

Not only is the presentation at Papabubble on point, but the variety of wild, punchy flavors is, too. Try a taste of their Tosa Snack Mix, which features flavors such as sake, fresh ginger, dashi stock, and pepper. If you’re looking for something a little softer this spring, check out their Sakura Mix, showcasing hand-painted floral designs to match the candies’ uplifting and fragrant notes of cherry blossoms.

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Whether you're shopping with kids or just satisfying your own sweet tooth, London’s SugarSin is the place to indulge. The creative confectionery is consistently one of London’s top candy shops -- and for good reason. The shop features an array of unique, signature candies made in-house, with their greatest claim to fame being their collection of cocktail gummies. Flavors include strawberry daiquiri, sparkling rose, and dry gin fizz.

On top of gummies, there’s a variety of lollipops and chocolate treats, such as pink champagne truffles and strawberry pralines. Looking for something a little richer? Try their chocolate and caramel-coated honeycomb bites. Not only do they cater to adults’ desired flavors, but the inventive SugarSin also has one of the largest mix-and-match varieties for children of all ages. On top of that, the shop offers a large selection of vegan and vegetarian options, so everyone can find a custom treat to fuel their sugar rush.


Not only does this ultra-vibrant shop sell an assortment of unique and trendy candies, like their signature “Unicorn Poop,” California’s B. Candy also has their own line of homemade bakery items and ice creams, featuring flavors inspired by popular cereals such as Frosted Flakes and Lucky Charms. They serve up their sweets in colorful, branded packaging as well.

B. Candy has even created treats to meet the needs of sugar-craving customers during the recent COVID-19 quarantine. Check out the brand’s homemade mini-cakes shaped like toilet paper on their Instagram. With other fun and cheeky options like chocolate ice cubes, giant gummy shakes, and rainbow cake frappuccinos, B. Candy is a one-of-a-kind candy playground for kids and adults alike.


Barcelona-based Happy Pills is a testament to the importance of design and presentation in addition to flavor. The pharmacy-themed candy brand offers unique, experiential ambiance as well as innovative packaging that allows consumers to create their own customized containers of candy pills -- no prescription needed. Visitors will get their daily dose of sugar by filling up branded pill-bottles, vials, and pillboxes. With over 80 different candies to choose from, Happy Pills offers a variety of flavors that will satisfy any type of craving. Not only are there sugar-free sweets, but also gluten-free and vegan options. Happy Pills helps consumers live their sweetest lives while also providing them with social media-worthy experiences.

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Images courtesy of Instagram (@dylanscandybar, @papabubble_com, @sugarsin, @bcandy_oc and @happypills.official).

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