With summer heading into full swing, there's no shortage of new trends popping up across restaurant menus and brewery lists. One of the Symrise top trends spanning the globe right now is botanical flavors.

Rose and lavender have long been used in a wide range of recipes, but many venues are taking an exciting twist with more unique flavors. Here's a look at some of the biggest botanical trends to jump on.


Botanical Boom 

Adding botanical flavors to a dish or beverage can add a lot of complexity. The bonus is that there is a large variety of botanicals to choose from. These ingredients are natural and much to be created using them. 

Of course, you might wonder why this can be called a new flavor trend. Botanicals like rosemary and thyme have been used for centuries, and some of the most traditional dishes include these ingredients. This trend, however, is a little more distinct — and focuses more on foraging for flavors. Chefs and bartenders are experimenting with unusual botanical flavors and have created dishes and beverages from incredible produce inspired by nature. 

Chefs and scientists are truly taking inspiration and creating food from the earth by exploring moss, pine needles, and more. This exciting trend highlights botanical flavors. 


Top Botanical Flavors

Many incredible flavors have become trendy. Here are some of the top botanical flavors that Symrise has been tracking. 

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Hyssop has a fresh, bright flavor that can be best compared to mint, but it also has some floral overtones. It is an excellent addition to many dishes and beverages, making it a top choice for many chefs to add to their menus. It lightens up meals, particularly those that are vegetable and fish forward. Hyssop is also a lovely addition to fruity drinks.

Mexico City restaurant Emilia, for example, is giving a traditional dessert a fresh and unique twist: Anise Hyssop Ice Cream. The ice cream is made with fresh hyssop, yuzu, and mandarins. This distinct flavor pairing is a perfectly refreshing summer menu item that packs bold, exciting flavors.

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 Scots Pine 

This is a unique botanical with two distinct flavors. Scots pine needles have a strong resin taste that is leathery and tough. Then the tree also has buds filled with pollen, which tastes sweet and tart, like pine. This flavor has become popular in alcoholic beverages, with breweries and distilleries using the complex flavor to enhance their alcohol. 

Williams Bros Brewery has brewed an Alba Scots Pine Ale. Hailing from Scotland, this brew is spiced with sprigs of pine and spruce. They harvest it in the spring and then brew it with a small number of hops. This provides a distinct flavor profile to a classic drink and is great to pair with a number of different dishes.



This flowering plant has a fresh taste that is slightly sweet and grassy. It is most closely compared to corn silk and is excellent for brightening simple dishes.

Integrating botanicals into a savory entree, Number One in Edinburg features a Smoked Potato and Egg Yolk Ravioli with aged comté and garlic flowers and garnished with onion crisps and chickweed. This provides a subtle yet delightfully distinct botanical element to diners' meals.

The botanical boom trend has resulted in a lot of incredible dishes, and we can’t wait to see what is created next. Try experimenting with different botanicals to create your own exciting drinks, dishes, and desserts that surprise and delight customers.


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