Marketing Gum to Latinos

Latinos, one of the fastest growing populations in the U.S., are considerably more likely to chew gum than other groups. It’s an opportunity that has food scientists, innovation managers, and marketers throughout the industry working overtime to understand how best to connect with this increasingly important and influential market segment. 

What are Latinos looking for in a chewing gum? Everyone wants great taste that lasts, but what do Latinos value especially? Why do they chew gum in the first place? Finding the answers to these questions was the focus of a recent Mintel report that yielded enlightening data on trends in Latino chewing gum purchasing and consumption.


Chewing Gum Is More than Just Fun

While many Latinos simply enjoy a piece of gum now and then, they are more likely than other groups to chew gum for a particular purpose, especially as a substitute for snacking. Latinos also report chewing  gum to relieve stress, certainly a healthy alternative to other common coping strategies. Given that sweet snacks like churros and other comfort foods can help anyone cope with a day that’s not going to plan, chewing gum manufacturers have an opportunity to provide this comfort – while helping chewers control their weight – by incorporating these flavors into low-calorie or no-calorie products. 

Latinos are also more likely to cite whiter teeth and a healthier mouth as reasons for chewing gum. Not surprisingly, chewing gum consumers in this group prefer to buy products endorsed by the American Dental Association.


Natural Flavors Win Favor

Keeping trim, calm, and in good graces with the dentist are not the only health concerns that Latinos address with the help of chewing gum. This group also prefers gum made with a few simple and natural ingredients to gum that requires a degree in chemistry to decipher. Most Latinos, however, do appreciate vitamins, antioxidants, and other ingredients that promote health while they chew, provided those additions are derived from natural ingredients.


Latinos Represent a Large and Profitable Market for Smart Gum Manufacturers

The number of U.S. Latinos has increased dramatically in recent years, a trend that is predicted to continue. With them, they bring a rich, vibrant culture with marked preferences that provide a large and growing opportunity for those who take the time to understand the market and adapt their products accordingly. By emphasizing the health benefits of their products and offering natural flavors that resonate with Latinos, gum manufacturers can thrive in this rapidly growing segment.


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