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In our five-part series, we’re looking at top functional health trends. We've seen how customers have broadened their definition of self-care to include holistic medicines, foods, and other wellness strategies in addition to conventional cures. Let's take a look at "Let Food Be Thy Medicine," a functional health trend you can use to create better products and improve your brand marketing. 


Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Younger generations of consumers are continuously looking for a preventative, rather than reactive, approach to healthcare. Holistic health is an important component of everyday living for many of these consumers. 

One of the key ways they focus on holistic health daily is by paying attention to the naturalness of the foods they eat. More and more often, consumers look for — and expect — healthy food and beverage ingredients.


Key Functionalities

Of course, this new generation isn’t the first to look at food as medicinal. But in a post-Covid world, there is a specific focus on how foods, drinks, and supplements can boost immunity and prevent illness. In addition to using special diets for weight loss, consumers are beginning to look at using diets to boost their immune systems, prevent illness, and even bolster mental health. 

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Ingredients to Spotlight

With so many consumers focused on the ingredients in your products, knowing how to highlight the right ingredients can help your product thrive. Here are some of the top ingredients to highlight, as well as the most important medicinal factors to point out to your consumers. 

  • Immune-Boosters: Any ingredients that have been shown to boost the immune system, including elderberries and kiwi, are strong contenders for ingredients to spotlight. 

  • Adaptogens: Shown to aid with anxiety and stress-related conditions, herbs and mushrooms are popular ingredients to help relieve mental health conditions. 

  • Aromatics: Foods like oat grass and saffron are seeing a lot more light of day right now because of their potential as mood boosters. 

  • Weight-Loss Foods: Any ingredients proven to help with weight management, from celery to apple cider vinegar, will help your product shine. 


Market Examples

There are numerous ways to use the “Let Food Be Thy Medicine” innovation platform. 

Cold-pressed juices, kombuchas, and coconut waters are great examples of products that take immune-boosting and mood-boosting ingredients and compress them into a convenient, drinkable product. Consumers can feel good about reaching for these products because they provide an easy way to consume immune-boosting ingredients. 

Soups and broths are another great market category where these ingredients can thrive. Broths may include a combination of aromatics, mushrooms, and immune-boosting ingredients, all of which can be marketed directly to the consumer. 

A third dominant market example comes in the form of condiments. Consumers might be able to add apple cider vinegar-enhanced dressings to their salads, for example, or might choose to use a nut butter enriched with antioxidants. 

Meanwhile, wellness shots provide an emergent category for this market. Although these are still in early stages, the idea behind them is that consumers can take a quick hit of wellness-boosting ingredients and then continue on with their day. 


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Showcase Your Products in the Wellness Market

Consumers are increasingly interested in food-based products that use natural ingredients to provide preventative care and improve wellness. By focusing on the ingredients in your products, you can capitalize on this important trend. 


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