The Symrise sensory team recently conducted a study to provide the Symrise beverage group with a qualitative Check All That Apply (CATA) sensory approach for the evaluation of tequila market products. The team leveraged an internal Symrise employee panel to evaluate the flavor profiles of a variety of Tequila market products. The goal was to provide beverage team with snapshot of current tequila market products to help them develop a tequila "toolbox" of flavors.

CLICK HERE to see the results of the CATA analysis of the second set of five market products!

A few points on how the tests were conducted:

Methodology: Qualitative Rapid Product Mapping Technique

  • Internal Symrise Employee Panel;  n= 16
  • 10 Market Products
  • Market products were selected and purchased by Symrise for this exercise. 
  • Market products were evaluated by a small panel where pre-determined attributes were gathered and then presented on the test ballot.
  • Panelists were presented approximately ½-oz of product in 1-oz clear plastic lidded cups at room temperature.  For each session, panelists were asked to evaluate each sample and check all the attributes that apply using ballot provided.  If an attribute was not found on the ballot, the panelist was advised to add the new attribute to their ballot.  Panelists were asked to cleanse their palate between samples with water and unsalted cracker
  • Three sessions were conducted for this exercise with 3 samples in the first 2 sessions and 4 samples in the last session.  Data was collected and analyzed using XLSTAT.

**The terminology used (e.g. "harsh") are sensory descriptors and not to be viewed as negative.

Click HERE to view Part 1 and the first 5 market products!

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