When it comes to food brands, you may have heard the term “Premium” or “Super Premium.” But what does it really mean? “Super Premium” products are those that deliver values and qualities that are superior to the normal product. Spend any time browsing through the canned soup aisle at your local supermarket. You’ll discover that premium soup products deliver a higher quality experience, from ingredients and recipe to packaging and store presentation.

Let’s take a look and see what makes up a super premium cup of soup.

Super Premium Soups Deliver a Human Touch
According to our research, consumers are more likely to purchase soup that looks and tastes man-made rather than machine-made. Just think, most of the conventional soup products may never even see a human hand if they are made in a factory. Super premium soups are made in smaller batches and often by local chefs. They fulfill the sense of nostalgia that comes with having a hearty cup of soup on a cold day.

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Super Premium Soups Are Healthy
Since super premium soups are made with natural and wholesome ingredients, they provide a healthier meal choice than most conventional soups. Healthy eating is the number one reason that people are willing to pay a little more for premium. Since super premium soups are jam-packed with “real” ingredients, they are also seen as a gateway to health. Super premium soups provide high nutritional value. They are comforting and satisfying, and they also improve emotional and mental wellbeing.

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Super Premium Soups Use Authentic Recipes

An authentic, chef-inspired style recipe is another important factor that sets a super premium soup apart from a regular can of soup. Creating a perfect recipe takes time and effort. The recipes found in our cookbook are far from dull, they are thoughtful and original, yet simple and easy to understand. Our chef-inspired recipes use foreign flavors that deliver originality with the touch of experimentation. Many soup lovers look for the flavors that deliver a cultural experience not otherwise offered by conventional soups.

They are Flavorful

Super premium soups share a variety of fresh ingredients that deliver new flavors. Consuming ingredients that are flavorful generates self-satisfaction, an important component of healthy eating. This is true especially among those who are looking for more variety and innovation. Replacing traditional ingredients with novelties like kale and quinoa builds curiosity and delivers new flavors that signal quality and resonate with homemade meals.

In short, the term “super premium” on a soup can label has a lot of meaning. It simply doesn’t get any better!

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