Beyond boasting health and wellness benefits, plant-based foods are the largest growing segment in the food industry. According to Nielsen, there was an 8% year-over-year growth that resulted in total revenue of $3.1 billion in 2018. From a growth and revenue perspective; milk, dairy and meat alternatives make up a majority of the plant-based segment.

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However, when it comes to plant-based products, food and beverage manufacturers are most challenged by flavor. While the plant-based segment is rapidly growing in the favor of animal welfare and environmental and health-related concerns, taste continues to play a large role in consumers’ willingness to purchase plant-based products.

Our global approach covers all key product categories consisting of meat alternatives, plant based culinary products not mimicking meat, dairy alternatives and nutritional beverages. It combines the understanding of alternative protein sources, our core taste expertise and recipe understanding with deep market understanding to develop consumer preferred products.

To support our Taste for Alternative Proteins Initiative in North America, we applied our Symrise Innovation Process. Our customizable Innovation Playbook encompasses an immersive discovery trek and a multi-faceted, consumer-based ideation session, in addition to many other components including trend, market and consumer research. By fostering creativity through out of the box thinking practices, our unique framework defines opportunities, explores possibilities, and evaluates solutions to uncover what’s in the mind of our hero: the consumer.



Under Taste for Alternative Protein, Symrise provides best in class taste solutions for plant based food and beverages, which deliver against the consumer requirements of healthiness, naturalness and a sustainable diet, supporting our customers’ endeavors on solution efficacy and cost effectiveness.

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