What it means to “Feel Fresh Everyday”

Part 4 of 5: Relaxation

What does it mean when someone says that a food or beverage tastes or smells “fresh?” This is the fourth in our series of blogs, where international panelists identified five critical areas of freshness: Cleanliness, Natural, Vitality, Enjoyment and Relaxation. This post will introduce the concept of “Relaxation.”


How does the taste or fragrance “feeling fresh” lead to someone feeling “Relaxation?” We asked panelists around the world to imagine “Freshness” as a planet, and to name the continents on that planet. “Relaxation” was chosen as a continent.

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Overall, “Relaxation” imagery was peaceful, tranquil and quiet with many connections to nature images included garden paths, sailboats in a quiet harbor, tall, green grass and calming sunsets.

Drawing out responses from panelists who visualized a “fresh taste” as leading to “Relaxation,” viewed “Freshness” leading to serenity, comfort, peace of mind and freedom. It is a feeling that connects one with self and with nature. “Relaxation” to this group engages all the senses in a caring way; it chills both body and mind.

Cultural views of “Relaxation”

The five elements that define the tastes and fragrances of “Freshness” are not equal from culture to culture. One or two of the five elements usually come to the forefront. This is why market research is so vital.

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The countries where “Relaxation” was highly correlated with everyday freshness and “Fresh” included Brazil, Mexico, France, Japan and the USA.

Countries where “Relaxation” and “Freshness” did not correlate as well included Germany, China, India and Russia. Therefore, label copy or flavor profiles connecting “Fresh” and “Relaxation” face a good possibility of underperformance in low correlative markets.

What were some of the food and beverage images, fragrances and flavors that were recalled by the panelists who viewed “Relaxation” as being an important continent? They included: ice cold drinks, soups, lavender and aroma oils, incense, fresh baked bread and fresh brewed coffee.

Sensory Elements of Relaxation

In countries with a high correlation of “Freshness” to “Relaxation” flavor and fragrance concepts, panelists translated that correlation into colors, flavors and other elements. On the continent of “Relaxation” in high correlative countries such as Brazil, Mexico, France, Japan and the USA, a fresh flavor profile was found to include: natural flavor direction with nothing too harsh. The flavors were seen to be light mint, cinnamon, lavender and herbal with “smooth green” notes and herbal-nasal effects. Other “Relaxation” flavor and fragrance mentions included lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, spearmint, vanilla and bergamot.

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The colors that panelists associated with products and packaging were light and pastel. By and large, the panelists who leaned toward the “Relaxation Continent” led busy and stressful lives.

The “Relaxation Continent” may test very well as a function of the everyday freshness category in some countries and may fall flat in others. It is important to do market research to determine the freshness continents that may take on greater and lesser meanings from country to country.

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