The Summer Fancy Food Show in the United States is always a great source for inspiration and trends that will be shaping the future of the food and beverage industry. The 2018 Summer Fancy Food show featured over 2,400 exhibitors from 50+ countries on June 30th – July 2, many of which had a big health focus. The Symrise Team attended the Annual Summer Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center in New York City with the goal of identifying the top food trends we spotted across product categories to share with you.

Plant based proteins are everywhere and past trends we have reported on can still be seen going strong with ginger, honey and lemongrass trending at the 2018 show. Some of these major trends include the proliferation of healthier products, a steer away from processed food, and healthier options for soft drinks.

While some trends kept on giving at the Summer Fancy Food Show in the United States, this summer it was all about storytelling to the max and women-owned and operated businesses offering sustainable and healthy product lines. There were stories around how to minimize the use of processed food, the proliferation of healthier products, most notably soft drinks, nutrition-dense (no empty calories), provenance, health focus, indulgence and sustainability. Storytelling was taken to a new level as we learned about O.Vine, a natural spring water infused with wine and seeds, combining the necessity of water with the flavor profile and functional benefits of grape skins. As mentioned above, there was also excitement around many new women-owned and operated businesses offering product lines packed with healthy ingredients and innovative pieces including Lemon Kind and Bohana popped water lily seeds.

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Aside from the innovative products and few trends mentioned above, Symrise walked away with a fresh outlook on the trends facing the food and beverage industry.   

Our team has put together the new trends from this year’s New York City show in the Slide Share below. We hope you find these food trends exciting and helpful for your brands and products. 




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