With the start of a new year, everyone tends to crave a healthy and fresh start. But when it comes to beverage trends in 2017, those wholesome tendencies are going to extend well beyond January. This whole year will be focused on good-for-you drinks, juices, and tonics that will leave you feeling light and refreshed.

Watermelon water. Having recently purchased stock in a watermelon water company, Beyoncé is likely paving the way for the first beverage trend of 2017. Watermelon water is not only bright pink and incredibly Instagrammable, but it also boasts a number of health benefits, too. When this sweet beverage is made with both the flesh and rind of the fruit (plus a little lemon juice), it has an impressive amount of lycopene (which can help protect you from UV rays) and promotes good kidney health.

Golden milk. You may have heard all about the health benefits of turmeric throughout 2016, but did you figure out how to actually capture them? This year, try golden milk. This simple combination of milk (nut, cow, or any other that you prefer), turmeric, and other warming spices is going to be a huge hit. Not only is it a comforting alternative to coffee or tea, but it’s also the perfect way to enjoy the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric.

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Kefir. If 2016 was the year of kombucha, then 2017 will be all about kefir. This fermented milk beverage is a drinkable yogurt that works wonders for digestion, thanks to its probiotic properties. Kefir can also help to boost the immune system and support detoxification, so be sure to sip on it if you feel a cold coming on.

Abstaining from alcohol. One of the biggest beverage trends of 2017 isn’t so much a drink as it is…not drinking. Many more people will be abstaining from alcohol this year, and for a variety of reasons. Sober nightlife events are starting to pop up in cities around the US, and people are seeking to connect in a more authentic way that alcohol does not allow. From teetotalers to those simply ditching booze for a month’s time, sobriety is going to be a huge trend.  

Mezcal. But with that said, not everyone will be abstaining. And those who are still indulging in cocktails will definitely want to check out mezcal. Similar to tequila, mezcal is the bolder, smokier version of agave alcohol. Although it’s available at many bars, tequila and mezcal-specific watering holes are growing in popularity. Here, you can try a mezcal flight and learn more about this nuanced beverage.

Kava. Kava is a plant that has been used in Polynesian ceremonial practices for centuries, but has only recently become popular as a recreational beverage in the US. Known for its relaxing effects on the mind and body, it is sure to become yet another alternative to alcohol for 2017. It has even been used to treat anxiety in some individuals.

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Activated charcoal drinks. Activated charcoal is what’s used in hospitals when someone has overdosed or been poisoned – but now this medical remedy has made its way into the mainstream. Because of its absorbent and detoxifying properties, activated charcoal drinks can be a useful addition to juice cleanses. One important thing to note: if you’re taking medication, don’t drink charcoal juice immediately after taking it. It will strip the medicine right out of your system before it can be absorbed.

Coconut water. Sugar-laden electrolyte drinks are so last year. In 2017, serious athletes and hungover college kids everywhere will be ditching them in favor of coconut water. Its ratio of potassium to sugar makes it a clear winner over other contenders when it comes to proper rehydration.

So with these trendy drinks in hand, grab a glass and raise a toast to 2017 – it’s sure to be a healthful year!

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