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Good Libations

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No One Seems To Know What This Year's 'Drink Of The Summer' Is

Summer in the time of a pandemic. In 2020, with people in lockdown, adults consumed 14% more alcohol than in the previous year, according to results…
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Let’s Drink More Cheese

Cheese is one of the greatest foods out there. It goes with, and in, almost everything, from apple pie to chili dip to guava sherbet. Because there…
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Modern Mezcal Drinks & Cocktails for 2022

There are a lot of new and exciting cocktails and other recipes involving mezcal this year, including delicious twists on the classics. From…
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The Correct Number of Drinks Is 1.5

Last night I went out with some colleagues and drank both a sidecar and a pickleback. This morning my brain was a shriveled cucumber floating in a…
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Good Libations

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Why Makrut Lime Makes a Star Ingredient in Cocktails

I grew up with a makrut lime tree in my backyard, admiring the double leaves and dimpled citrus fruit that frequently made their way into our family…
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Dirty Shirley as the drink of the summer? Surely, you can’t be serious.

It was tempting to write a Dirty Shirley story that embraced minimalism: Read more
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Good Libations

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More That 32% Of People Say This Is Their Favorite Summer Cocktail, And It's Not What You Think

It's the most playful, warm time of the year: summer! We're ready to shed our winter coats and our work-from-home PJ sets and trade them for bikinis…
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Tipple Play: 13 of Our Favorite Summer Cocktails

It’s hot, and you need a drink. (Longtime Nashville residents: Be sure to read that sentence in the voice of former regional pool-and-spa spokesperson…
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Good Libations

Tags: Drink Trends, Cocktails Source: Today

Blue cocktails are having a moment

In a slinky dress on a balmy May night, "The Bachelor" star Hannah Godwin was making the rounds at a Brooklyn rooftop party with a cocktail in hand:…
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The Real Difference Between A Cocktail And A Mixed Drink

It's almost summer and for many, that means backyard barbecues, nights on rooftop decks, and days spent by the pool! And, of course, the perfect…
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