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20 Underrated Drinks You Should Be Ordering At A Bar

We get it — sometimes when you're ordering a drink at a bar, it's easy to default to rotating between a few of your go-to favorites. While there's…
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Tags: Cocktails, Drink Trends Source: Punch

Why is every Cocktail now garnished with this Citrus wedge?

There are only so many ways one can orient a piece of citrus garnish on a cocktail, and yet, it’s still possible to be delighted by those…
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Tomato Cocktails get A new look at NYC Bars

The phrase “tomato drink” conjures a very specific type of beverage: thick, brick-red liquid, usually garnished with a stalk of celery. Whether it’s a…
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A forgotten Rum Tiki Drink Made with Milk makes A Comeback

Though it’s not terribly popular in today’s cocktail zeitgeist, dairy has been a major force in the history of American drinks for over two centuries.…
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What Are Clarified Cocktails & How Do You Make Them?

What is a clarified cocktail? A clarified cocktail is the result you get from a bartending process called milk-washing. Simply put, milk-washing is…
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Market basket: Add fruit nectar to summer drinks for splash of flavor

I’m not sure when I became such an avid fan of canned fruit nectar, but it has been at least a decade. Somehow I noticed it languishing there on the…
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10 eye-catching drinks for the summer

No season is wrong for selling cocktails. If done right, they’re highly profitable, add to check averages, improve the customer experience, and…
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Sip Into Summer: The Hottest trends in cool beverages

Summer is here, and with the rising temperatures, there’s no better time to explore the latest trends in cool beverages. Staying hydrated during the…
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The Best Cocktails You’ve Never Heard of, According to Pro Bartenders

Cocktails are there and then they’re gone—it’s part of their romance. They leave behind glasses that need to be washed, recipes in old books, and a…
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Tags: Drink Trends, Cocktails Source: Daily Meal

A Frozen Banana Split Cocktail Is The Boozy Dessert You Need This Summer

Is there a fancy dessert cocktail that most people agree goes hand in hand with the summer season? Original piña coladas are usually saved for those…
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