In a crazy, chaotic world, people strive for a sense of balance. In new research conducted by Symrise, this top functional health trend emerged over and over again. From adaptogens to berries, people are looking for healthy food and beverage ingredients to improve their holistic health and personal care. 

Using a multi-lens approach, we’ve examined secondary data, interviewed experts, and surveyed consumers and manufacturers, all in service of identifying emerging functional health trends. Then, we confirmed our findings with the consumers themselves. 

This research resulted in five innovation platforms that can be used to innovate in the world of food and beverages, create new products, and market effectively in today’s consumer environment. These innovation platforms are: 

  1. Back to the future
  2. Let food be thy medicine
  3. Blurring boundaries
  4. Natural power-up
  5. Permissible pleasure

In today’s article, we’ll delve more deeply into the concept of blurring boundaries. 

Introduction To Blurring Boundaries

Increasingly, customers view a healthy lifestyle as involving more than just the food they eat and the way they nurture their minds and bodies. Their holistic view of a healthy lifestyle means that, more and more, the lines blur between personal care, over-the-counter medication, and food and beverage services. 

The concept of naturalness is now considered key to addressing functional wellness needs. Customers want to embrace self-care from the inside out. As a result, products need to be able to do more than one thing. For example, they may need to have anti-aging properties while also boosting immune function or improving mental agility. 

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Functional Ingredients Worth Knowing

Top ingredients that can help blur boundaries include those with anti-aging properties. These can improve the feeling of wellness, helping consumers feel younger and more confident, while also improving bodily functionality. Some ingredients to focus on include: 

  • Berries: Goji berries have been known to create radiant, healthy skin. Blackberries are also emerging as a healthful berry to offer consumers a more youthful appearance. 
  • Hydrating ingredients: Aloe vera has superior hydrating qualities, and has been used for years to support skin health and cleanse the body. Coconut water is beginning to join in this cause as well and is emerging as a top hydrating ingredient. 
  • Collagen foods: Foods that boost the body’s natural collagen production are often used to replicate beauty products. These foods include fish, avocado, citrus fruits, berries, garlic, and white tea. 
  • Green tea: Green tea has long been used to relax the body. It can reduce stress levels and address skin damage and signs of aging. 
  • CBD: Recent research into CBD has shown that it has anti-aging properties as well as mood-boosting benefits. Overall, it has the power to reduce both stress and signs of aging. 

Top Market Examples

Collagen-rich foods and beverages make for great snacks that can be used for blurring boundaries. Consider crisps made of salmon skins or fortified granolas. Snacks are great because they can be worked into consumers' daily lifestyles while also providing anti-aging benefits. 

Juices are also frequently used to help consumers achieve beauty from the inside out. When consumers consider blurring boundaries, they look to things like juice masks or lotions that offer the benefit of juices while creating a relaxing, hydrating product for their skin. 

An emergent trend is to create sweets — like hard candies — fortified with health-boosting benefits. Fortified waters also provide a great way for consumers to stay hydrated while also garnering the health benefits they’re looking for. 

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