While yogurt has long been a refrigerator staple in homes around the world, it's staking its claim as one of the most versatile ingredients out there — both in flavor and in use. From light and fruity to rich and decadent, here are the top yogurt flavor trends.


Fresh and Fruity

Yogurt adds a creamy base to smoothies, frozen treats, and breakfast bowls in the kitchens of consumers everywhere. Though tried and true flavors still have their place, inventive combinations and globally-inspired palates are bringing some new flavor players to the dairy game. 



It's no shock that four of the top five most popular yogurt flavors over the last three years have been classic fruit: strawberry, blueberry, peach, and raspberry. These proven favorites remain staples at many mid-scale chain restaurants that appeal to a wide palate, and they will continue as foundations for many innovative flavors and dishes. 



Peach-mango, honey-lavender, and orange cream yogurt flavors are at the top of the trend list, especially as consumers look for new twists on old favorites and traditional offerings. Other bright, fruity flavors like pineapple and lemon meringue are on the rise, with more decadent picks like banana cream and toasted coconut emerging as strong contenders for breakfast and dessert.


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Food Pairings

As a food with incredible dexterity, yogurt is making its way onto plates and into meals in more homes than ever as people look to explore new cuisines through new textures and ingredients.


North American Cuisine

The avocado has long been a North American favorite. Now, it's the star of many dips, desserts, and dressings alongside one of its favorite culinary partners: yogurt. Flavors like mint and chocolate chip dominate when it comes to the sweet side of this dairy delight, especially in the midwestern and southern states. On the East and West coasts, lemon, pepper, and saffron are often combined with yogurt for a fantastic addition to any seafood dish.


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Global Cuisine

Whether it's a tart, cooling drizzle on a curry dish or a compliment to cucumber in creamy tzatziki on a gyro, yogurt has been an important component of Indian and Mediterranean food for centuries. As more people look to replicate dishes from other cultures and countries, plain yogurt will continue to be the bedrock for experimentation.


Immersive Experiences

The fact that yogurt can be easily flavored and made into something new means plenty of options for consumers, especially younger generations who value choice over most things when it comes to their food.


Yogurt Bowls

Almost anything can be added on top of yogurt to amp up the texture and increase its nutritional value, and who doesn't love a good bowl of anything they helped make delicious? Fruit, roasted and chopped nuts, and various seeds are still a favorite, with toppings like salted caramel, chocolate chips, and graham crackers coming out on top for healthy, sweet treats. 


Seasonal and Specialty

Smaller, consumer-minded cafes and shops are thriving, taking over taste buds with seasonal yogurt offerings like white chocolate and pumpkin as well as specialty flavors like cold brews and matcha.

When it comes to a staple like yogurt, consumers want something they can both rely upon and make new — and the top yogurt trends of this year prove this in spoons. 


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