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Last week I was visiting with some clothing shop owners here in Amsterdam; both are regional to the Netherlands, but have additional online presence. It’s been about a year since stopping in, but a few things were quite obvious to me this time. First off, they have expanded their presence to other locations and grown a sizable following. As Henk and I were chatting, he was quick to express what he believes is driving their success and inadvertently, outlined some key retail requirements, essential to the expectations of today’s consumers. 

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We all know the product and service must be high priorities, but in our conversation, Henk also emphasized the customer experience and mood of the store. What the space feels like, the lighting, the décor, and most importantly the color choices are essential (not to mention the lounge like chesterfield sofa, whisky decanters and the espresso machine). I concur. So it is with that thought that I’ll convey the importance of color for 2016.

As with the cycle of fashion and trends, so too is the ebb and flow of colors, running short and long seasons.  Fashion favors a short color cycle that follows Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer, but additionally, there are cycles of color that reflect consumer behavior and attitude. It is these long term colors that appear in our choices from interiors, automotive, and point-of-sale marketing.

In much the same way that Pantone publishes a color of the year, there are certain cues that lead to color families which will influence the coming years. Without diving too deep into the psychology of the consumer/or the economic signals behind key color trends, there stands an obvious and undeniable visual manifestation. The upcoming years of 2016 and beyond show clear indications that the family of Blues and Blue-Greens will be far reaching and important to a myriad of disciplines. And with a global undercurrent of uncertainty, it is not surprising that blue, which represents authority, dignity, security and faithfulness, is the color choice. Blue-greens, in kind, recharge our spirits during times of mental stress and loneliness.

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Take for example, POS Marketing, where royal blue and navy are beginning to surface in packaging and signage graphics (Pictured: McDonald's and Aquavit).

Men’s and women’s fashion has also entertained blues for the past few seasons, only increasing its’ affair, from the traditional Spring/Summer offerings, but expanding well into Autumn/Winter of 2016.

Even in the world of cosmetology, the blue dye that was once limited to a punk subculture, is now prevalent in the mainstream. From street to runway, the Blues and Blue-Greens will gain even more traction as they further influence our surroundings. 

Furthermore, tech office spaces like BLUECORE OFFICES, in New York City, have incorporated the positive traits associated with Blues, therefore creating interiors that foster collective, yet casual work spaces, as seen in their meeting rooms and secluded areas 

As 2016 arrives and progresses, it’s incumbent for us to not only look for, but plan our own applications of Blues/Blue-Greens, as they will most certainly drive our attitudes, behavior and choices.  So whether it’s the timeless strength of navy, serene hue of teal, or somewhere in-between, Blue is the color of clear communication and continues to be the world's favorite color. All shades will prove important in the coming year, with new and innovative applications explored.

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