By Brad Ross, Global Trend Forecasting

This month’s topic is home interiors and though there are some interesting trends taking hold, my approach would be far too simplified to merely list these new leanings at face value. Instead, let’s look at these trends as they relate to the world of fashion apparel, concurrent to the shifts presently happening in culture. Common sense tells us that fashion trends have a far shorter life span than those in the home arena and most certainly in the macro sense of human behavior. Nonetheless, 2015/16 offers some key signals that illuminate what is simultaneously transpiring in social behavior, home interiors and fashion apparel, in this way revealing a unique meshing. 

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Take for instance, the use of Natural Materials in the home, such as wood, stone, and leather. These items add interest, warmth and texture to any dwelling style, while additionally bringing a sense of grounding. Noteworthy forerunners of natural materials are natural minerals, like copper, brass and gold (unveiled at 2015 Maison et Objet Furniture Fair).

The color register of these minerals is not only visible in home but equally trending in apparel. For example, the Pantone color of the year is MARSALA PANTONE 18-1438, which invokes a robust and earthy wine red along with the natural, amber tones of copper (key descriptive words here, are earthy and natural). Among other factors, Pantone also chooses its’ lead colors based on the cultural mood. This year’s Zeitgeist is definitively Natural.

Reflecting this school of thought are Designer labels such as, Bibhu Mohapatra, Ermenegildo Zegna and Richard James, who have taken strong positions on these earthy hues in their Fall’15 collections, with color pallets pointing directly to nature.

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Concurrently in the realm of social behavior, we have experienced a radical shift towards organic products and non GMO foods. This is a direct descendant of the eco-friendly trend in manufacturing, production, and food practices. It is also no secret that in the past two decades, we global inhabitants have exponentially furthered our mission to increased environmental awareness and appreciation of nature. This is unequivocally related to the current home trend of bringing the outdoors in and vice-versa. Whether recognized or not, this natural element is permeating our decisions in fashion, interiors and social behavior.

Coupled with the aforementioned trend is the valued concept of, Made in America. This resurgence of things manufactured exclusively in the USA, reveals a yearning for handmade, folksy, and quality items. For instance, southwestern motifs and hand tooling details are all the rage in home, offering an authentic aspect to fabrics, finishes and overall design. This interior movement precisely parallels fashion’s leanings, with both trends rising in tandem for the past seven years.  

A recent survey of 1,000 Americans (conducted for Industry Edge by market research firm YouGov), discovered that 42 percent think buying American-made items will get them a higher quality product. Fashion expectedly follows with, not only similar style, motifs and details, but also the demand for quality that is found in handmade, slower crafts. So whether shopping mainline brands, designers or perusing street fashion, you will see the affects of this trend first-hand.

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Though our world is experiencing an unprecedented connectivity through digital channels, there is an equal and undeniable longing for congruence with the earth.  This growing trend for the warmth and authenticity of nature serves as a counterbalance to our increasingly fast-paced, anesthetized society.  Our homes, clothing and overall  lifestyle reflect who we are and what we value.  Based on these trends, we seem to be a universal community that appreciates things of meaningful substance, enduring quality and natural beauty.

Visit back next month for part two of home interior trends via fashion and consumer behavior.

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