New Line of Vanilla Extracts is Anything but Ordinary, Unleashes Creativity in the Kitchen

Home baking is having a moment and the vnlla Extract Co. (vnlla) is here to spice up everyone's culinary creations with its new line of vanilla extract products that includes Pure Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Extract +, Vanilla Extract + Lemon, Vanilla Extract + Orange, and Vanilla Extract + Spice. Available exclusively on Amazon its new line of vanilla extracts takes a nearly 200-year-old concept and reimagines it by adding fruit and spice extracts and natural flavors to bring creativity to the kitchen like never before.

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A vanilla product line like no other

The new vanilla extracts -- developed by vnlla's parent company Symrise, a global supplier of fragrances and flavorings to the world's top brands -- are sustainably sourced in Madagascar and extracted and bottled in the United States. Seeing a need to create more possibilities for home and professional bakers craving unique ingredients, this new line of vanilla extracts delivers inspiration and unleashes creativity.

"These extracts from vnlla Extract Co. are a game changer," said Sam Mason, chef and owner of Oddfellows Ice Cream in Brooklyn, New York. "As a pastry chef, vanilla is the go-to staple in my kitchen. If you've ever tasted our Oddfellows ice cream, you know we strive for creativity while at the same time improving on some of the classics. These bold new extract blends from vnlla incorporating lemon, orange and spice have inspired me to create new unique ice cream and dessert creations that I may not have thought of before. The profiles are exciting, and they accentuate my creations beautifully."

The vanilla extract line includes five products (see product sheet for more details):

• Pure Vanilla Extract
You can't get any purer than Pure Vanilla Extract from vnlla with its rich yet delicate, nuanced complexity. It starts with Bourbon vanilla beans grown and harvested by farmers in Madagascar, who carefully hand-pollinate each vanilla orchid. It is then extracted and bottled in the United States to capture the essence of each and every bean.

• Vanilla Extract +
Each batch of vanilla extract can vary from year to year, farm to farm, region to region. Even the weather in Madagascar can affect the growing season and bean cultivation, sometimes causing large swings in vanilla bean pricing. That is why we created our Vanilla Extract +, a blend of our Pure Vanilla Extract with other natural flavors to always deliver that classic taste at a consistent price allowing you to unleash your creativity any time of year.

• Vanilla Extract + Flavor Blends
You could say we let our creative juices flow when designing our Vanilla Extract + Flavor Blends. Each blend begins with vnlla Pure Vanilla Extract and inspires creativity in the kitchen. There really are no limits to what this reimagined ingredient can bring. Flavor variations include:

  • Vanilla Extract + Lemon: the essence of freshly squeezed lemon combined with creamy vanilla.
  • Vanilla Extract + Orange: a dynamic burst of sunny orange essence combined with sweet vanilla.
  • Vanilla Extract + Spice: a nostalgic blend of warm spices combined with creamy vanilla.

"We've been in the flavor business for 150 years and as home and professional chefs evolve, so must our ingredient options," said Paul Graham, president flavor division Symrise North America. "Vanilla evokes warm emotional connections and memories which is why baking became so therapeutic in 2020. By adding flavor blends like lemon, orange and spice, we're instantly elevating desserts and drinks providing endless possibilities. Our packaging also speaks volumes with our premium glass white bottle, bamboo cap and clear strip on the side to let you know when you're running low. In a sea of brown bottles vnlla certainly stands out."

Creating shared value

In 2006, Symrise became the first flavor company to have its own operations in Madagascar. From the outset, the company has been committed to working with the local farmers and their communities to establish a supply chain that creates shared value for everyone involved. By building direct partnerships with over 7,000 farmers, more than 40,000 people benefit directly or indirectly from Symrise's employment, education in sustainable farming, crop diversification efforts, youth schooling, and healthcare benefits.

The entire line of vanilla extracts from the vnlla Extract Co. is available through Amazon. vnlla Pure Vanilla Extract is available in 4-ounce, 8-ounce and 16-ounce bottles. vnlla Vanilla Extract +, Vanilla Extract + Lemon, Vanilla Extract + Orange and Vanilla Extract + Spice are all available in 4-ounce bottles.

For more information check out our website.

If you're ready to try vnlla Extract Co. for yourself, shop the line on Amazon!

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