Trend Perspectives by Cynthia Maxwell

Health and wellness are most likely the first things on our minds lately, and our social media accounts are flooded even more recently with suggestions. Everything from meditation, breathing techniques to supplements that build a healthy immune system.

While all the rush of health information thrown our way can be overwhelming, here are some simple food and beverage options that are yummy and healthy!

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Eat Slimy Foods

What? Yeah, and you may already have some of these in your pantry. What I am talking about is soluble fiber. Soluble fiber has a gelatinous texture that, when ingested, attaches itself to waste/toxins and sends them right down the toilet. The lungs and inner skin of the gut love soluble fiber!

Oats, chia, flax seeds, and beans are all excellent sources of soluble fiber. You can also benefit from eating oranges, cucumbers, and celery.

Need a convenient snack? Grab a food bar with oats by KIND or Bobo.
You can make your chia snacks, but convenient chia seed products have come a long way. Plant-based Mamma Chia has a load of options including chia milk, and chia protein and probiotic beverages.

Drink Your Tea

The body will always appreciate warm drinks over cold anytime, especially when it’s chilly outside and especially when it is cold and flu season.

Green tea is a high antioxidant drink that will help with inflammation, and you will find many options in the tea section of your local market. Combinations like green tea and peppermint or green tea and ginger can be pleasing to the palette if you don’t like green tea straight up! Organic India Teas combine all their teas with Tulsi, which may relieve symptoms of bronchitis, colds, congestion, coughs, and flu.

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Coffee (Yay!) is OK

If you can keep it to around one cup a day, coffee has been getting many thumbs up for its positive effects on brain health, depression, muscle health, liver cancer, to name a few.

The trends in coffee keep evolving, and this year is no exception.

Consumers are more environmentally conscious and want the carbon footprint of their coffee to be less. As a result, sustainable and bio-friendly brews are one of the top coffee trends. Compostable capsules are available now, including Nespresso compatible versions! This trend will continue to expand.

Like a fine wine, coffee with exotic flavors and diverse textures equal high quality. Consumer interests in better ingredients are driving retailers to choose more natural beans with unique flavor combinations.

Have you heard of Dalonga? A Tik Tok viral drink trend that started in South Korea this year during social distancing orders has exploded around the world. Four simple ingredients of instant coffee, milk, sugar, and hot water whipped to thick consistency have attracted millions, like 3.5 million, of views on some posts. Dalonga is the quarantined drink of choice.

Don’t Forget About Ghee!

Ghee is an excellent source of butyric acid, which is a short-chain fatty acid and one of the most common in improving gut health. We produce this acid ourselves, but a little help is good. There are current studies on how it could benefit colon cancer, and people with type 2 diabetes.

It is pretty easy to make your ghee, but it is also readily available at most supermarkets. 4th & Heart products have several sweet and savory ghee flavors, including vanilla bean, which makes for a perfect addition to your coffee or tea!

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