Symrise returned to the Summer Fancy Food Show floor to report on the breaking trends within the culinary world. Here’s what we found:


Beet has proven itself as a key flavor in food and beverage. This year brands took it to the next level with beet and beetroot based condiments. An array of brands like Good Groceries Company, Freak Flag Organics and Foraging Fox displayed beetroot ketchup products. Whereas ketchup traditionally calls for added sugar, beets’ natural sweetness and bold coloring accounts for extra additives making for a simpler and cleaner recipe.

Beyond ketchup, beet-based condiments continued into horseradish and chutney. Holy Schmitt’s Beet Horseradish is a delightful add-on, especially during BBQ season. Beet flavor gives a fresh and earthy flare to the root veggie based condiment that will leave you saying ‘holy Schmitt’! Roland Food’s Beetroot Chutney achieves the perfect balance of sweet and savory. The spread fuses beet, sweet apple bits and crunchy onion chunks into a blend of flavors and textures that make for a versatile condiment.

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Premium meat is a token of the savory food category. This summer’s Fancy Food Show credited the brands that are delivering top notch jerky snacks. From generalized to wagyu and biltong, brands like Aufschnitt Meats, Stryve, and Greg Norman wow’ed us with the quality and flavor of their spotlight products.

Aufschnitt’s Beef Bar is an artisanal lean beef snack coupled with the functional kick of chia seeds. Beyond ‘Island Teriyaki’ Beef Bar flavors dodge the status quo with options like Cranberry and Spicy Chocolate—all featuring chia. The Spicy Chocolate Beef Bar is where savory meets sweet with an added kick of cayenne pepper it’s a snack that’s sure to satisfy all your cravings.

Stryve calls their unprocessed and carbohydrate-free Biltong Snacks a ‘totally lean poolside protein.’ Whether your poolside, trailside or couchside these snacks are wholesome, nutritious and guilt-free. Cured up to 21-days, Stryve biltong is available in simple yet flavorful seasonings including: Spicy Peri Peri, Zesty Garlic, Teriyaki, Smoked, and original.

Made from authentic Australian Wagyu beef, Greg Norman’s Signature Wagyu Beef Jerky is the latest addition to the brand’s product line. Added earlier this year, the new product is available in Mesquite and Teriyaki—both using all natural and high quality ingredients crafted to provide a protein packed snack.

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Kimchi has made its shift from emergent to mainstream. Now brands are finding new ways to highlight the flavor and fermentation perks of this Korean staple. From hot sauce to pancake mix, we found an abundance of kimchi in new formats at the 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show. Starting on the spicy side, Seoul Food introduced the first true Kimchi Hot Sauce available in ‘Sweet & Spicy’ and ‘Spicy.’ Following a family kimchi recipe, the innovative hot sauce provides an authentic Korean flavor to any dish and Seoul’s perfected formula is free of any potent odors that you would typically expect from fermented cabbage.

O’Food’s Kimchi Salsa is a Korean-Mexican fusion with a kimchi base blended with typical salsa ingredients: tomato, garlic, and jalapenos. This new release is available in 3 different flavors; Gochujang, Tomato & Garlic, and Green Pepper & Onion. Lastly, to wrap up our kimchi trend we have to mention Jongga’s Kimchi Pancake Mix. Jongga knows kimchi and the debut of their ‘just add water’ pancake mix is a brilliant way to expedite the cooking process without sacrificing quality or flavor.


The future of food means no questioning what to bring to a party or BBQ. This year’s Fancy Food Show displayed snacks focused on partying in all formats: bites, dips and mixes. Savorly is a gourmet, frozen appetizer brand that recently launched at the 2019 Natural Products Expo West. Products like Cheese Croquettes and Mini Four-Cheese Gratins are marketed as ‘cocktail and party bites’ that make impressing your guests easy.

Beyond frozen finger food, Pearl & Johnny’s Dip and Spread Mixes are also party approved. The organic and non-GMO mixes are available in flavors fit for any type of get together: Chili & Lime, Beetroot & Garlic, Maple & Onion, and Spinach & Leek. A premium trail mix is an easy party staple that takes minimal effort and will satisfy the nutrition conscious partygoers. The Summer Fancy Food Show proved such nut-based snacks are in high-demand with an abundance of trail mix products focused on quality and sourcing. Power Up shared their ‘superior quality trail mix’ that are packed with protein for high energy—a new life of the party.

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Across beet, meat, kimchi and party focused finger foods, there were a lot of impactful culinary trends at the 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show. When it comes to flavor, the fusion of savory and sweet made a big impression in a variety of products. Intrigue in Korean and Asian cuisine continues to evolve within the North American market and product descriptions promising gourmet, high quality and premium ingredients prime consumers to expect the best imaginable flavor experience. Luckily, we’re here to help you exceed expectations—drop us a note to learn more!

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