Across the United States bread experts and top-tier pastry chefs are whipping up batches of baked goods that are noteworthy for their unbelievable flavors, unique culinary techniques, and impressive presentation. Looking to learn from some of the best? Below we explore a handful of notable bakeries from around the country that are serving up freshly baked sources of inspiration.

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Flour Bakery + Cafe | Boston, MA
Boston’s beloved Flour Bakery + Cafe is widely known for their massive, pecan sticky buns, selling approximately 600 of the sweet and buttery treats daily. Helmed by chef Joanne Chang, the nationally acclaimed pastry purveyor also offers an array of tasty bakery items including homemade Oreos, chocolate ginger scones, old-fashioned sour cream coffee cake and Boston cream pie cloaked in rich, chocolate ganache.

La Panadería | San Antonio, TX
For unbelievable pan dulce and handmade breads, head south to Texas and visit La Panadería. Opened in San Antonio by brothers José and David Cáceres, the bakery celebrates Mexico’s traditional baking techniques, and pays homage to the brothers’ roots in Mexico City. Specializing in handmade bread, La Panadería utilizes a unique 48-hour fermentation process that results in top-notch, long-cultured bread. With touches of influence from Italian, French, and American culinary techniques, La Panadería’s offerings are one-of-a-kind delights. There's crispy birote (Mexican sourdough), ancient grain kamut, tres leches croissants, fruit-filled empanadas, and an endless supply of concha -- a classic and crunchy sweet bread that’s a staple on most panadería menus across Mexico.

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Tartine | California (Multiple Locations)
Owned and operated by Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt, Tartine Bakery remains a must-visit spot on the west coast for exceptional baked goods. The husband-and-wife team are a bread and pastry power couple, and they have a James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chefs to prove it. With locations in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, they crank out thousands of loaves of rustic country bread and even more viennoiserie daily, relying on tried-and-true techniques the couple learned abroad. Some of their all-star pastry items include canelés, brioche jam buns, banana cream tarts, and frangipane croissants.

Dominique Ansel Bakery | NYC
One of New York City’s most well-known patisseries is Dominique Ansel Bakery. Famous for their beautifully decorated desserts and innovative hybrid pastries, the French-American pastry shop continues to keep things interesting with fresh takes on fan favorites, like their signature Cronut. The newest specialty flavor for the croissant-meets-doughnut is Plum Armagnac and Creme Fraiche. Flaky pastry is filled with homemade plum jam infused with a hint of fragrant French brandy and topped with creamy crème fraiche ganache.

Fugetsu-Do | Los Angeles, CA
Located in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo, family-owned mochi shop Fugetsu-Do has been masterfully making Japanese rice cakes for a whopping 117 years. Third-generation owner and operator Brian Kito is devoted to providing LA residents and visitors alike with a variety of mouthwatering mochi and manju (sweet bean-filled rice cake) that are beautiful in both presentation and taste. From traditional flavors such as red and white bean to more modern takes like chocolate, peanut butter, and fruity rainbow-colored dango (bite-sized mochi), there’s something sweet for everyone. Fugetsu-Do takes mochi to the next level by crafting the treats into whimsical designs like the mushroom-shaped Matsutake, persimmon-shaped Kake, and many more which beam brightly from the shop’s display cases.

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