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Trends from Key Bakery Shops Across the U.S.

 Local bakeries are often the springboard for trends that make their way into domestic and international food manufacturing. These ground-level…
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Trends in Pastry Fusion

People are naturally drawn to sweet and salty flavor profiles. Research has shown that the human tongue perceives these flavors more intensely than…
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Sweet Talk

Tags: Bakery, Baking & Snack Source: Thrillist

Insomnia Cookies Made Cookie 'Nachos' for 4/20 with Potato Chips, Pretzels, & More

These "nachos" aren't nachos but a pile of salty and sweet treats. READ MORE
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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Bakery, Snacks Source: Mashed

Why We Eat Pretzels On Easter

There's a handful of foods we associate with Easter. Ham, eggs, candy, pretzels, — wait — what was that about pretzels? READ MORE
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Weighing the many protein options for snacks and bars

Protein is hot with consumers, and manufacturers of bars and snacks are responding with many new alternatives on the market. Protein is associated…
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Tags: Bakery Source: Stuff

The home cook who makes pies which look like art

A pink pie rests on the dining room table, crust golden and inviting. On the top, a serpent coils, poised to strike, its delicate tongue testing the…
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Tags: Bakery Source: Eater Seattle

Belltown Bakery Askatu Is Revolutionizing Gluten-Free Bread With Molecular Science

Estela Martinez creates gluten-free doughs for sourdough breads and pastries with the precision of a scientist. READ MORE
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Tags: Bakery, Baking Source: Mashed

The Absolute Best Cakes In The U.S.

The American love affair with cake is a long, sweet story that dates back to the very roots of our country. READ MORE
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Indigenous Ingredients and Inspired Baking Mastery, at Gusto Bread

A modern panadería in Long Beach, Calif., is challenging the idea of Eurocentric authority in the fine pastry realm. READ MORE Photo: Cody James of…
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Tags: Bakery, Baking Source: StarChefs

Valeria Taylor's Chocolate Croissant Has Mole in Every Layer

Pastry Chef Valeria Taylor (or Maria del Socorro Valeria Rebeca Ballado Velazquez, as she’s known in Mexico) made her first croissant two years after…
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