It's drinks and cocktails that  we look forward to on the weekends or at social gatherings where we get to relax and unwind from a busy week.  It's also a perfect opportunity for Americans, especially Millennials, to be innovative and experiential when it comes to trying new and trendy cocktails.

Symrise recently researched and found  some of the most innovative cocktail bars across the US with some  in New York, Chicago, Portland and San Francisco.  Celery bitters,  habanero honey and  egg whites are only a few of the featured ingredients found in these cocktails.  

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Death and Co., one of the popular innovative bars found in New York, features unique cocktails such as Fever Dream and Wishful Thinking.  These drinks are definitely a must try when you're in the area.

Check out the Slide Share below to learn more about the 9 cocktail bars and their featured ingredients!


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