Every year, Symrise partners up with StarChefs to stay ahead of the curve on the contemporary American dining scene. With this partnership, we are exposed to up-and-coming chefs, mixologists and culinary professionals. StarChefs hosts 4 annual Rising Star award ceremonies to celebrate food and beverage professionals who are committed to fostering a culinary community, as well as their well recognized International Chefs Congress (ICC).

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During these events, Symrise has the pleasure to sponsor round table discussions around innovation with Rising Star winners to better understand exactly what's happening in the culinary world.

In 2017, Symrise hosted round tables in New York City, Colorado, Los Angeles and Austin with some of the best chefs in these regions. Below you can find a collection of articles around these discussions:

New York's Star Chefs Dish on Innovation and Inspiration, Part 1

All photos are courtesy of Starchefs Recently, Symrise collaborated with StarChefs' Editor in Chief Antoinette Bruno to host the 2017 Rising Stars Roundtable Discussion at Steelite USA's showroom in New York City. Several Symrise clients had full access to New York's hottest Rising Star chefs and bartenders ( www.starchefs.com/cook/events/2017/rising-stars/new-york-city) to discuss inspiration and innovation.

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Symrise's Rising Stars: Collaboration is the Key to Innovation, Part 2

All Photos Courtesy of StarChefs The 2017 Rising Stars Roundtable Discussion, hosted by Symrise in collaboration with StarChefs, tapped into the culinary minds of some of New York City's 2017 Rising Star recipients. Emmanuel Laroche, Vice President of Marketing and Consumer Insight at Symrise, led the discussion, which gave participants an insider's look at the motivating drivers of innovation and inspiration in the restaurant world.

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Inspired in Denver: Chefs Weigh in on Collaboration and Community, Part 1

The night before the 2017 StarChefs Colorado Rising Stars Awards Ceremony took place, Symrise hosted a private roundtable discussion featuring some of Colorado's most prominent names in the food and beverage industry.

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Inspired in Denver: Chefs and Mixologists Explore Innovative and Unique Ingredients, Part 2

This is article two of a two-part installation from the Symrise-Star Chefs Colorado Roundtable. "Heating up sauces that you don't want to recook-like consommé-in the microwave is perfect," says Chef Max MacKissock from Bar Dough in Denver, CO. The utterance of the tool, microwave, sends a hum through the crowd.

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Chefs Talk About Culinary Innovation at the Symrise-Star Chefs Los Angeles Roundtable, Part 1

In June, a quartet of rising stars in the Los Angeles restaurant and bar scene gathered for a roundtable discussion, hosted by Symrise, about new local flavor trends and the creative process behind them.

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Chefs Discuss the Los Angeles Dining Landscape at the Symrise-Star Chefs Roundtable, Part 2

When a quartet of rising-star chefs gathered at a roundtable discussion in Los Angeles hosted by Symrise in June, they dished on the multiple influences in their process of creating bold new dishes and flavors .

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Talking Food Culture and Creativity at the Symrise-Starchefs ICC 2017 RoundTable

Between the six chefs, restaurateurs and bartenders at Symrise's private roundtable discussion about innovation and creativity in the food world, the men had more than 100 years of combined experience and expertise.

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