New food trends are first seen in restaurants and popularized by influential chefs.  This is nowhere more evident than with Asian culinary innovations and popular TV celebrity chefs such as Ming Tsai.  Tsai demonstrates Asian trends on the Food Network, combining inspiration from his family-owned Mandarin restaurant and his studies at both Le Cordon Bleu and under famed sushi master Kobayashi. 

People are looking for more authenticity and variety in their meals.  We have less time today to prepare a meal from scratch, but do not want to compromise on the taste found at favorite restaurants and discoveries abroad.

Therefore, it’s important that food companies are answering this consumer demand and making sure that prepared food flavors are equally authentic. 

Of course most people are familiar with Chinese food.  However, some very popular dishes on Chinese menus are not traditional, nor found in China and include the popular dishes, Orange Chicken, Egg Foo Young, and General Tso’s Chicken.  For decades, this was all most Americans knew about Asian cuisine. 

With increased travel and immigration from other regions, new Asian cuisines have gain acceptance.  In addition to regional Chinese menus, flavors from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea have gained a foothold in the nation’s taste buds.

Asian fusion restaurants, which combine the various flavors of Asian countries, have become popular in many parts of the United States.  Different regions have distinctive styles and are heavily influenced by innovative restaurants and chefs that have had a big impact on Asian culinary trends in the USA.  Some interesting combinations are Korean burritos, Vietnamese-inspired sandwiches, Tempura French Toast, and Tuna Sashimi Tacos. 

Asian food trends in Asia and the different regional USA fusion trends can be seen in the product offerings in ready prepared foods in grocery stores and in less expensive Asian chain-type restaurants. Asian foods will enjoy increasing popularity around the world as they’re mixed with local flavors.

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