Culinary ChroniclesLet's take a look back at some of the most interesting articles published on Culinary Chronicles in 2017 on in-sight! Since 2014, Symrise chefs have been bringing you the latest and greatest culinary topics every month.

We will continue to cover topics over the next year and beyond. From events, like the RCA and IFT to trending ingredients and the latest innovations, Culinary Chronicles continues to grow.

We hope you have enjoyed another year of culinary inspired topics. Stay tuned for more innovative and exciting articles to come in 2018. Check out some articles from 2017 below:

Culinary Chronicles: Sous Vide Cooking Going Mainstream

By Chef Ron Spaziani What's the craze about Sous Vide cooking? I'll be honest...I was a little skeptical about using a Sous Vide cooker because I love classic cooking methods: grilling, broiling, baking, roasting etc. But then I cracked and purchased my first Sous Vide for some creative experimentation and guess works great!


Culinary Chronicles: To Bean or Not to Bean?

By Chef Matthew O'Connell Having just returned from my bachelor party in Austin, I can tell you that Texans take their chili seriously. As a native Virginian though, I didn't grow up with anything resembling the stewed delicacy common throughout the region.


Culinary Chronicles: Craft Hot Sauces Emerge with Monumental Growth

By Chef Noah Michaels I was looking through a really cool book the other day called Inside Chefs' Fridges, Europe and noticed two interesting things. The first: who are these Chefs who have so much time to cook at home?


Culinary Chronicles: Edible Insects - The Rise of American Entomophagy

By Chef Matthew O'Connell In years past, you went to the ballpark with your family and grabbed a few hot dogs, some peanuts and cracker jacks. Options were limited. While these staples still define stadia across America, the culinary landscape within each has changed.


Culinary Chronicles: Southern Revival - An Emerging Culinary Movement

By Chef Noah Michaels Like most young American Chefs, "I studied French Cuisine" said Alex Harrell, Chef at Angeline in New Orleans. This statement is at the core of the culinary renaissance happening across America right now.


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