It is getting tough for the #1 seeds of Symrise Flavor Madness, only one remains, let’s see how that happened. After this article we will be down the Flavorful Four, also known as the final four flavors. If you are just joining us, refer to our introductory article for rules and field of flavors. Otherwise let’s continue below to our in-game analysis.


#15 Lemonade vs #9 Pineapple – These two flavors faced off to see which will represent Natural Goodness in the Flavorful Four. So far we have seen tropical flavors fair well but let us not forget both of these items are citrus fruits which have the juicy and acidic contrast consumers are looking for. Ultimately the nostalgic factor for #15 Lemonade was too much for #9 Pineapple which fell by a margin of 15% of consumer votes.


#1 Margarita vs #10 Whiskey Ginger – It was fun while it lasted but the wild ride for #10 Whiskey Ginger is over. #1 Margarita, offering taste travel and a citrus contrast has been on fire. A large number of brackets have #1 Margarita going all the way, stay tuned to find out.


#8 Strawberry Kiwi vs #3 Strawberry – Battle of the berries did not disappoint. Strawberry is the sixth most launched hard seltzer flavor over the last 5 years. There are three strawberry combinations in the top 50 hard seltzers launched but none of them are strawberry kiwi. Despite this #8 Strawberry Kiwi beat out #3 Strawberry in a consumer vote by 2%, with 51% of the popular vote. The lesson here seems to be that you can't go wrong with strawberry but again we see the more “tropical” flavor with a kiwi twist advancing.


#14 Pina Colada vs #1 Mojito – Consumers routinely step out of their routine with crazy, often limited time flavors; that’s exactly what both of these tropical canned cocktails offer, a taste destination outside the norm. Surely we thought #1 Mojito (with Lime being the second most launched hard seltzer flavor and a top flavor used within canned cocktails) would handily beat #14 Pina Colada. But at last our Symrise Trendscope subtrend Bold Excitement strikes again. #14 Pina Colada has captivated consumers that long for a cold drink with their toes in the sand sending #1 Mojito back to the bar. Advancing to face #1 Margarita in the Flavorful Four; can this topical powerhouse take down the undefeated champ?

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