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Tags: Cocktails, Drink Trends Source: Thrillist

Why Vegan Fat-Washed Cocktails Will Be Big This Year

If you love spirits but can’t imagine sipping on duck-fat-infused bourbon, you’re in luck. Bartenders are creating vegan fat-washed drinks as an…
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Swear By These 4 Desi 'Super Drinks' For A Healthy Lifestyle

We have often been told to eat healthy, cut down on snacks and monitor calorie intake. But honestly, it is quite a task. The commitment to a healthy…
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Good Libations

Tags: Drink Trends, Cocktails Source: NPR

Non-alcoholic drinks aren't just for Dry January: The mindful drinking fest

One of the hottest tickets in Washington, D.C., last weekend was to a festival that was all about drinking and having fun — without being fueled by…
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Low-alcohol drinks can also be high on flavor

It might not be quite on a par with breakthroughs in nuclear fusion energy or the hunt for a cure for Alzheimer’s, but the wine business has been…
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'90s Drinks Are Back—and More Cocktail Trends for 2023, According to Bartenders

Like fashion, food, architecture, and literature, cocktails reflect the period in which they're poured. So what will we be drinking this year?…
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Hot drinks for a cold winter night

Happy holidays? What about happy winter solstice? Regardless of your religion, we can all at least agree on the science, right? Well, maybe not. But…
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Mocktails in the metro: Where to enjoy non-alcoholic drinks this Dry January

Whether you're celebrating Dry January or interested in joining the "sober curious" movement, Read more 
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The Cocktail Trend Pinterest Thinks Will Dominate In 2023

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who regularly order the same food or drink and those who are perpetually looking for interesting new…
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Why Do We Drink These Holiday Cocktails Every Year?

“I have never quite been satisfied with holiday drinks as I have known them,” wrote Amanda Hesser in the Times in 2000 — a familiar sentiment to…
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5 Hot Drinks to Stay Warm and Hydrated This Winter

Much of the country is covered in snow or rain during this time of year – we’re literally surrounded by water. So why are we so dang thirsty? A study…
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