Take a moment and think back to a few of your favorite memories — from years ago or from recently. What were you eating? Do you remember how those foods tasted? How did those dining experiences elevate what you were doing in those moments?

There's no question that food can play upon our senses and take us right back to certain times or places, giving our taste buds a nostalgic treat. As the Symrise Global TrendScope 2022 has revealed, consumers today — especially millennials looking to recreate beloved childhood experiences —  are on the lookout for foods that help them return to simpler, less stressful days. 


Emotional Retreat

Because the pandemic closed restaurant doors worldwide, consumers were forced to get creative when it came to food as a form of entertainment and connection. The top food trend and development to come out of such a scarce and tumultuous time? Staying in is the new going out. 

Why not help buyers bring back cozy, carefree memories with Proper Good's soul-warming tomato and basil soup? Made with a coconut milk base and ready in 90 seconds, it's a hearty option for lunch on a cloudy afternoon or a healthy, go-to dinner after a long shift. On deck for dessert: the sweet, salty, and sensible Smartfood cinnamon sugar cupcake popcorn for a childhood-flavored treat to end the day.

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Though food should be nutritious above all, it should also be fun and invite a sense of whimsy to the everyday eating experience. Every consumer looking to get back in touch with their inner child and bring happiness to the table wants blast-from-the-past flavors and a way to loosen up. 

When sparking positivity and possibility for buyers at home, reimagined classics are key. Claffey's, the maker of the original wine-based freeze pop, offers their cocktails in cherry, grape, and blue raspberry — and a six-percent ABV to help those who indulge wined down. (Get it?) To top it off, all are gluten-free, kosher certified, and made without artificial sweeteners. For those that don't partake, Kin Spritz's "Euphorics" line of premium sparkling mocktail beverages boosts moods naturally with hints of ginger and citrus.

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Dreaming of Travel

Consumers dreaming of travel and criss-crossing the globe seek products that bring them something interesting without having to find new brands to lean on for their favorite pantry essentials. Pocky Chocolate Sakura Matcha blends a light floral essence with bittersweet matcha chocolate to transport and delight after dinner — and the crispy biscuit crunch is endlessly satisfying. 

Offering regionally-inspired flavors can even be as easy as a bag of chips that reminds consumers of the New England coastline or a flavored beverage with a touch of the divine in cherry blossom or key lime.

Being able to choose from a variety of inspired food and beverage products that lead to emotional discoveries and a refreshed existence is a huge key to the buyer mentality. People need to feel both young and grown at the same time in order to survive the challenges this world presents. Sometimes, all it takes for that to happen is convincing them that's the case — and maybe a scoop of confetti ice cream or a confetti-cream-filled cookie.


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