The COVID-19 Pandemic has greatly influenced consumers over the last two years, making them more conscious about their health and the types of foods they put into their bodies.

As such, there's a higher demand for foods with immunity-boosting properties amongst customers. They're seeking foods that promote good health and will ensure a certain degree of protection from infection and viruses.

Understanding different ingredients and their flavors will have a pivotal role in understanding what they're used for and how they can benefit you. Citrus, for instance, is a popular ingredient that's known for its positive effects on gut health and overall energy. This is because it's rich in antioxidants, which are one of the best immune-boosting nutrients you can include in your diet.

Restaurants and brands, taking note of this emphasis on immunity awareness, have begun crafting meals and developing recipes with immune-boosting ingredients. Here are a few examples.

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Elderberry is quickly gaining a reputation in the food and beverage industry as an immunity-boosting food. It consists of many vitamins and antioxidants that are pivotal in keeping your immune system strong. Its bright flavor and earthy tartness make it a popular ingredient in cocktails, desserts, syrups, jams, teas, and more.


The Water House Project: October Dish

Located in East London, this fine dining restaurant has incorporated elderberry into its menu through their limited release October Dish. This specialty dish consists of mull cheddar foam, raw chestnut mushrooms, bronzed fennel, reduced walnut pickle, and an elderberry vinaigrette. 


Properly Fueled: Winter Elixir

One of elderberry's strengths is that it can be used in many different ways. Properly Fueled, a café local to New Jersey, sells a tea called the Winter Elixer. This tea was designed to help boost immunity by including elderberry, hibiscus, rosehips, cinnamon, and orange. 



Ajwain, also known as carom, is a spice that's known particularly for its anti-inflammatory properties. This plant is native to India and is used in many different dishes to boost their flavor and functionality. The seeds have an herbal taste akin to anise and oregano, but when cooked, they take on a distinctively smokey flavor.


SāGhar: Calamari Bhajiya

This New York City restaurant uses these flavor-packed seeds to add an herbal flair to their Calamari Bhajiya. They season their calamari with ajwain, chickpea flour, mint, and tamarind.


Divya’s Kitchen: Immunity Boosting Wellness Drinks

Located in New York, Divya’s Kitchen has a wide variety of immunity-boosting wellness drinks which are packed with nutrition to keep your immune system strong. The majority of these drinks include ingredients such as ginger, raw honey, ajwain seeds, green cardamom pods, and fennel seeds. 

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Rangpur Lime

High in vitamin C, rangpur lime gives your food and beverages the citrus twist you didn't know you needed. It's a hybrid of mandarin oranges and citron with a flavor that combines intense sourness with notes of smoky lime.


Duke’s Spirited Cocktails: Rangpur More Cocktail

This Californian restaurant displays their specialty in craft drinks with their Rangpur More Cocktail. It's a masterfully executed gin and tonic riff, and it incorporates upscale ingredients like saffron bitters, house-made tonic, and rangpur lime shrub. 


Stranger & Sons Gin: Rangpur Lime Citrus Gin

Stranger & Sons Gin is a recent release from the Third Eye Distillery in India. This unique gin is crafted with a variety of botanicals local to the region, and the addition of rangpur lime gives it a zesty kick.

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