In the vibrant month of June, the Symrise team embarked on a captivating journey to the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Their destination? The prestigious Bar Convent, an event that pulses with the energy of innovation, camaraderie, and a shared passion for premium and craft spirits.


At Bar Convent, the pioneers of the bar and beverage community come together in a celebration of liquid culture's past, present, and future. This gathering is more than just a convention; it's a welcoming and collaborative environment that serves as a crucible for shaping the very essence of libations. Through a dynamic blend of education, the exchange of best practices, and the cultivation of business opportunities, Bar Convent stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the bar and beverage industry to continuous growth and excellence.


For the Symrise team, the experience was a whirlwind of discovery and connection. Immersed in an array of premium brands, each a driving force behind the cocktail movement, they delved into the heart of the alcohol industry's current landscape. With an eagerness to learn and a thirst for knowledge, they sampled an extensive range of spirits and liquors, gaining insights into the evolving trends and emerging flavors that define the industry's evolution.


The exhibition space was a treasure trove of inspiration, where exhibitors showcased what was novel and exciting in the realm of spirits. Engaging with the passionate producers of these innovative beverages, the Symrise team engaged in meaningful conversations about the roles these products played within the market's tapestry.


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Diverse categories beckoned for exploration, from the burgeoning universe of agave-based spirits and Mexican elixirs like mezcal, Elote liquor, agave wine, tepache, and sotol. The team indulged in the enchanting spectrum of Italian bitters, amaros, and aperitifs, crafting visions of spritzes and negronis that would tantalize the palate. Even amid a sea of intoxicating spirits, the non-alcoholic domain made a compelling appearance, underlining its increasing relevance.


Bar Convent is not solely a platform for tasting. It's an arena of learning and growth. The Symrise team eagerly participated in enlightening seminars, further enriching their understanding of the industry's pulse. One such seminar, "Beyond Booze: Navigating the Rise of Non-Alc Beverages," gathered luminaries like David Crooch (Co-founder and CEO of Ritual Beverage Company), Ashley Hankey (Attorney at Malkin Law), Raquel Royers (Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Distill Ventures), and Dan Gasper (CEO at The Ardent Company). This distinguished panel explored the strategic avenues brands can pursue to harness the burgeoning popularity of non-alcoholic beverages, as consumer tastes and preferences transform. Insights into compliance nuances, deep consumer demographics, and the perspectives of non-alcoholic suppliers painted a holistic picture.


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Another thought-provoking session, "The Science of Flavor," featured Dr. Danielle Reed (Associate Director of Monell Chemical Senses Center) and Dave Arnold (Founder of Booker and Dax and the Museum of Food and Drink). In this captivating lecture, the focus shifted to quinine's variegated impact on tonics and cocktails. Dr. Reed illuminated the role of genetics in shaping our taste perceptions, emphasizing the ancestral variations in the perception of bitter flavors. Dave Arnold, in turn, unraveled the art of manipulating flavors in the context of gin and tonics, leaving attendees inspired.


In conclusion, the Symrise team's journey to Bar Convent in Brooklyn was a rendezvous with liquid culture's past, a celebration of its present, and a glimpse into its promising future. This event stood as a testament to the unflagging spirit of innovation that defines the industry, a tribute to the relentless pursuit of excellence, and a tribute to the craft that flows in every glass.


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