Korean cuisine has been making waves on the global culinary scene in recent years, thanks to its bold and enticing flavors. From the fiery kick of gochujang to the umami-rich bean paste sauce and the ever-popular kimchi, modern Korean food trends offer a delightful adventure for food enthusiasts. Today, we take you on a flavorful journey through these trends, exploring the tastes, ingredients, and the vibrant culture that make Korean cuisine so special.

 Bringing Local Eateries to Your Table

To truly understand and appreciate modern Korean food, our Product Development Chef here at Symrise NA, Edric Har decided to bring in some dishes from a local eatery that specializes in Modern Korean cuisine, and walk us through the flavors and traditions that make Korean cooking unique.



 Gochujang: The Fiery Heart of Korean Cuisine

Gochujang, often referred to as Korean red chili paste, is a cornerstone of Korean cooking. Its fiery and slightly sweet flavor profile adds depth and complexity to a wide variety of dishes. From spicy bulgogi to the iconic bibimbap, gochujang infuses a rich and spicy kick that ignites the palate.


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Bean Paste Sauce: Umami Heaven

Korean bean paste sauce, also known as doenjang, is the umami-rich counterpart to gochujang. Made from fermented soybeans, this savory condiment adds depth and complexity to soups, stews, and marinades.


Kimchi: A Quintessential Korean Staple

No exploration of modern Korean food trends would be complete without mentioning kimchi. This fermented cabbage dish is a staple in Korean cuisine and is celebrated for its spicy, tangy, and slightly funky flavor. Kimchi comes in various forms, and we were fortunate to try a few. The crisp and fiery tang of kimchi is the perfect accompaniment to any Korean meal, adding a refreshing contrast to rich and savory dishes.


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Modern Korean food trends are a tantalizing blend of flavors and traditions that have captivated palates around the world. Whether you're a spice enthusiast, a lover of umami, or simply someone looking to explore a vibrant culinary culture, Korean cuisine has something to offer everyone. Below are some of the dishes we tried from Kinyobi located in Hackensack, NJ. Check them out!


Chicken Wings

Kinyobi's Hot sauce

Sweet Taré(marinated soy sauce)


Michin Dumplings

Kinyobi's popular spicy chicken with glass noodles over fried dumplings(4pcs)


Kimchi Fries

Crispy Fries with stirred fry kimchi, pulled pork, corn, Mexican cheese, sour cream


Galbi Tacos

Marinated short rib(Galbi), lettuce, onion, cabbage, sour cream, corn, apple glazed Ssamjang sauce


Spicy Pork Taco

Marinated spicy pork, Mexican cheese, onion, sour cream, guacamole, white kimchi 


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