It has been a long road for the contenders but we are here; the Flavorful Four. Each regional winner has had to face some fierce competition, at times looking like they would not make it. After this article we will have the final two flavors fighting for the honor of most popular canned alcoholic beverage of Symrise Flavor Madness 2021. If you are just joining us, refer to our introductory article for rules and field of flavors. Otherwise let’s continue below to our in-game analysis.

HARD SELTZERS: Natural Goodness - #15 Lemonade VS Healthy Lifestyle - #8 Strawberry Kiwi

CANNED COCKTAILS: Premium Indulgence - #1 Margarita VS Emotional Discoveries - #14 Pina Colada

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#15 Lemonade has surprised many in this tournament, using the nostalgic factor to its advantage but as well really highlighting the sweet and sour contrast we see consumers gravitating towards. #8 Strawberry Kiwi has been top of mind for consumers as they look for a familiar yet novel flavor to enjoy. Can #15 Lemonade ride that sweet/sour nostalgic play a little longer or will the tropical kiwi with familiar strawberry prove to be too much?

#1 Margarita has comfortably sent every contender home and has not come this far to lose. Challenger #14 Pina Colada has shocked the canned cocktail world beating out the likes of #1 Mojito and ever popular #3 Rum and Coke. This is the first time #1 Margarita faces a tropical flavor such as itself. If you have been following Symrise Flavor Madness 2021 you have come to notice that tropical citrus’ seem to be consumers’ choice but that tropic notes in general are a good thing. Can this duel pineapple coconut flavor take down #1 Margarita?

The results are in and first thing to mention is the one striking similarity with the Flavorful Four flavors, they all have some level of acidity in their ingredients and they all provide a contrast of flavors. Whether it is a sour sweet lemonade, bitter and creamy coconut or even slight acidic berry followed by smooth kiwi, these extras are giving consumers the sensorial experiences they crave.

RESULTS: #15 Lemonade defeats #8 Strawberry Kiwi by a consumer vote of 53% to 47%.

RESULTS: #14 Pina Colada wins an overtime thriller against #1 Margarita with a consumer vote of 51% to 49%!

There have now been 62 flavors eliminated from the Symrise Flavor Madness 2021. Our last article will highlight the championship match as consumers choose what their most preferred canned alcoholic beverage is; a Lemonade hard seltzer or a ready to drink Pina Colada canned cocktail! Stay tuned and thanks for following along with us!

CLICK HERE for your copy of the latest bracket.

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