An estimated 63% of Americans drink coffee each day, which makes it the most popular beverage consumed. It’s also a favorite beverage worldwide, with a growing market, and 2024 is predicted to see an increase in global coffee production from roughly 170 million bags to 174.3 million, according to USDA forecasting.

There are plenty of reasons why the coffee marketplace continues to thrive. For starters, consumers have more options than ever before, thanks to innovations in cultivation; endless specialty beans, roasts, and blends; and new and improved processes like nitro and cold brewing, snapchilling, and coffee concentrates.

What’s trending in the coffee world right now, and what are consumers clamoring for? Here are just a few of the commercial trends currently brewing.


Sustainable Products and Preparations

The eco-friendly lifestyle is more than just a fad at this point. A growing portion of the consumer public is genuinely concerned about how their purchasing decisions affect the health of the planet and the future of our species.

How are businesses in the coffee industry leaning into sustainability? One major contributor is eco-conscious cultivation through practices like agroforestry.

Coffee growers are increasingly choosing shaded cultivation over deforestation, in line with natural growing conditions. This practice can help to reduce soil erosion, manage water consumption, and preserve biodiversity.

The use of natural fertilizers and pesticides (as opposed to chemicals) is more prevalent, and companies are working to meet the consumer demand for transparency by increasingly including the traceable provenance of beans.


AI and the Coffee Ecosystem

Artificial intelligence (AI) is finding its way into every corner of the food industry, and the coffee segment is no exception. Predictive AI, including data-driven analytics, can be used to improve everything from cultivation and production to preparation and product innovation to sales and service.

AI technologies can curb waste, track consumer preferences to develop products that drive sales, and improve target marketing to ensure products find their audience. Whether consumers are visiting coffee shops or buying beans and brewing at home, AI is part of improving convenience and personalizing the experience.


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 Functional Coffee — Beyond the Caffeine

The fact that roughly two-thirds of Americans already drink coffee daily and surveys showing that nearly three-fourths of Americans believe food and drink choices impact overall well-being makes coffee the perfect candidate for increased functional benefits. 

In fact, the functional coffee market is currently estimated at $4.03 billion, with major brands like Bulletproof, Starbucks, and Nestlé leading the way. By adding vitamins, adaptogens, nootropics, collagen, and even CBD oil, a daily cuppa joe could offer significantly more benefits to consumers interested in health and wellness.



Biscoff cookies have made their way into all kinds of menu items, from cinnamon rolls to milkshakes. Now, the delightful speculoos flavor is also appearing in coffee drinks, lending the sweetness and warmth of cinnamon, sugar, and mild gingerbread notes to a favorite morning beverage.

It’s no surprise that you can find a Biscoff latte on the menu at the company’s retail location in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. However, other chains are also jumping on the bandwagon.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has a cookie butter latte on the menu, and consumers can enjoy the Starbucks equivalent from the “secret menu” by modifying a soy white chocolate mocha with the right combination of syrups. 

The trend is far from prevalent, which means cafés and coffee roasters can still get a jump on the competition by offering this special treat to customers.


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Competing for Customers

With so many coffee drinkers worldwide, there are plenty of opportunities for coffee purveyors to shine. By tackling emerging trends like sustainability, technological advances, functional enhancements, and exciting new flavors, you can focus on getting your piece of the pie.


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