For families, snacking is one of the most challenging aspects of managing children’s diets. We wanted to tackle this issue head-on to provide insight from cutting-edge research to better help our customers develop snacks that are well-received by consumers. Our research consisted of a survey centered around kids in the 6-12 age category, which allowed us to narrow in on trends and reveal unique insights not found anywhere else.

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First and foremost, parents will want nutrition and value while kids are following their taste buds. The morning snacks are typically able to be monitored by parents and teachers to make sure it’s healthy, but as the day goes on, there will be less control. Balancing needs vs. wants in children is tricky. Using interesting shapes and colors, as well as flavor combinations is one way to gain kids’ interest in foods, especially for the younger ages. However, as the kids get older, they will be more drawn to bold and unique flavors.

Here are some more takeaways that can be seen in the following infographic.





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