Snacking. It’s a loaded word. When it comes to snacks for kids, there’s an abundance of opinions about what’s best, with plenty of room for confusion. At Symrise, we wanted to tackle the uncertainty around kids’ snacking habits head on. We did this by conducting our own research, so we surveyed families with kids in the 6-12 age category. The resulting data gives us a clearer road map to provide our customers about how to blend kids’ snacking needs and parents’ expectations during different ages and stages.


To sum it up, kids’ needs evolve with age. Novelty counts for a lot, but parents will always have the final say. While families may value healthy eating overall, their snacking goals can generally be divided into three distinct categories, and families follow different paths to meals and snacks. Additionally, the time of day and occasion will influence the type of snacks sought. Think that great taste is the main attraction with snacks for kids? Not exactly.


Check out the infographic below to discover the tasty insights we’ve gleaned for you.



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