Trend Perspectives by Cynthia Maxwell

It can take anywhere from 18-254 days for a person to form a habit, according to a study published by the European Journal of Social Psychology in 2009. Over the last eight weeks, many of us have spent way more time in our homes and doing life a bit differently than before the pandemic. The results of our stay-at-home time might dictate new trends in food and health. Here is a look at some of the trends that may emerge out of new consumer habits and hobbies.

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BREAKFAST | I have heard a lot from friends and co-workers that breakfast has been a focus over the last few months. It has become this luxurious time that sometimes goes all the way until noon or so, which in turn, we opt out of lunch. Before the pandemic, there was a rush to grab something quick with a cup of caffeine, but now, it’s like having brunch every day! We love brunch. Consumers will miss this as they start to head back to jobs and daily routines, so it will be necessary for food and beverage companies to anticipate some new breakfast/brunch trends that are healthy, easy, and satisfying.

BEVERAGES | Surely you have heard of Quarantinis by now! A simple online search of Covid-19 inspired cocktails will give you a sea of suggestions. Alcohol sales rose by 55% in late March. While this can be cause for concern from a health standpoint, I believe consumers will begin to gravitate towards lower ABV libations and mocktails. Thanks to Millennials, the low ABV, hard seltzer slushie, is sure to be the summer drink.

There are a ton of healthy elixirs hitting the market right now in both pre-made and “mix with your favorite beverage” forms. Having an herbalist on board to curate the product is a new direction.

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WYLDE ONE’S offers individual powdered mixes using adaptogens, nootropics, superfoods, and medicinal mushrooms. WYLDE ONE’s elixirs and functional latte blends help to “transform and optimize your daily wellbeing.” One of WYLDE ONE’S best-selling blends, YOGA IN A CUP, provides stress and anxiety relief. Other combinations focus on a variety of health interests like immunity and gut health, mental clarity, and brain-boosting focus and productivity.

Of course, coffee will be just as significant as before. However, now that consumers have had time on their hands to explore coffees from a non-rushed perspective, I believe tastes will elevate, and a more eco-conscious view will be taken into consideration when making purchases. Exotic, high-quality coffee flavors and fair trade, sustainable, and bio-friendly brews will be essential.

BAKING & COOKING | Baking and cooking have been the go-to, stay-at-home, consumer hobby. As a new hobby to some, especially ages 13-39, have produced a slew of triumphant dish posts on social media.
Restaurants, chefs, and food magazines have focused on sharing recipes, cooking classes, and how-to videos. Will this also bring back the days of actually owning recipe books again?

Experts say that they do not think consumers will flood restaurants as they re-open, so at-home cooking will still be hot. Food suppliers will have continued success as they keep in-demand ingredients in stock. Most importantly, all things bread, the all-star of this time.

Detox Themes | Speaking of alcohol and baking...

Detox kits and regimens will be in high demand. In the effort to cleanse the body, mind, and soul, we will see social media focus on “Detox from your quarantine” subjects. There will be a desire to lighten up and clean up as we head into summer. It is no surprise that company YOURSUPER.COM ‘s Detox Bundle is a bestseller and has 1,986 five-star reviews. This five-day detox helps to eliminate the effects of too much sugar and processed food consumption.

As you can see, health and wellness play a role in these habits and hobbies, both mentally and physically. Inevitably there will be many more new food and beverage trends emerging from our stay-at-home time as it comes to an end.

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